Sample Shoot Ideas

     Over the next little while I’ll be posting Samples of shoot ideas. These are Artificial Intelligence generated visuals.. sometimes I’ll be able to provide the text based prompt.. sometimes not. All pages open in a New Browser and will have as much information as I can muster for the session in question.

     I’m laying the page out with hopes to be relatively “responsive” but still showing a good enough collection on a per- line basis. This is the start.. I’ll probably fine- tune it as we move forward.. I might even see if I can grab some images of ideal locations I want to shoot at like Johnston Atoll, South Pacific on my journey around the planet by Pedal Power.. the journey that memberships here are financially supportive of (with thanks!).

Elvish Pixie Session.. xmas theme/ seasonal session. Nudes, topless, and lingerie (see through).

“Senno Ecto Gammat” or Never Without My Permission! Social Activism in Visual Format

WetPedals.. “The Gentleman’s Cyclery” or.. playboy for cyclists!
Rescue~ Working Title
     The Rescue is a Webcast purposed to evidence and/ or exemplify behavior.. both good and bad. The concept is leveraging a reinterpretation of the Red Riding Hood theory projected on to personal historic activities.. an episode that I completely forgot about until recently.
     The core concept is.. I was at a houseparty and the hosts were giving FREE BEER to 14 year old girls until one succombed to the booze and was passing out. At that time, two or three of the male home owners/ renters took her upstairs to “sleep it off.” At that time, I walked upstairs and saw them hovering.. circling.. she was nearly naked already and they were obviously.. not gonna let her just sleep it off. 
     NOBODY should ever have to worry about getting too drunk.. being sexually assaulted is not a realistic “consequence” of overdrinking.. and I was glad I could stop the assault.     Take a look at the following page and it’s subsequent AI generated images for a bit more clarity. I’m not wanting to create this for personal gain.. I’m not looking to create this for professional broadcast.. I see releasing this through Social Media as it’s strongest potential voice.. and the strongest potential social change will come from releasing it as such. So, while I do want a certain level of technical proficiency, I’m not looking for 4K broadcast quality hardware which means.. I have nearly 100% of the needed gear. But, being a bit of a “shut in” I am lacking in social outreach to network with the needed on- camera and off camera talent to make this a reality. Hence.. a Casting Call and Team Building period with the goal of shooting/ releasing this in the spring of 2024.

The Rescue

Inspirational Images

Red Riding Hood concept.. sometimes the AI produced images that were a bit.. far afield.. but fun to look at none the less.

Some fun AI images built around the prompt looking for the ideal grouping of girls that are partying.. for The Rescue production.

Apparently, AI doesn’t know what a Green Machine is.. so, I’ve included some web grab images as example of exactly what it is.. and then we’ve got some images as extras.
The Cape Concept.. start there of:

     The concept being fun and casual.. the prompts started off being caped girl with skull face mask. The “lantern” gallery was an attempt to recreate/ produce new visuals for a pumpkin/ jack- o- lantern wearing model in a big black cape.. AI had a real hard time with those.. but the gallery is kinda fun. Enjoy the collections.. and I look forward to shooting these in the coming months.. as Capes become available.. as swords are replaced.. as locations are discovered.