Book Publishing

I’ve always had the vision of being a published author.. and when I gravitated towards Fine Art Nude photography, I adopted that goal as well. But, it’s a difficult road to travel.

Today, I collected over 2000 images for three different volumes, roughly titled as follows…

  • “Altphotoart” or.. a general collection of nudes, Part One. tentative title.
  • Tech Sure.. exploring the textural world of macro photography in relation to the human body.
  • Breast.. an examination of close up imagery or images that highlight the naked female breast.

I’ll be posting a sample photo gallery that will remain public but low resolution for the volumes I am working on so watch for their emergence.

General Introduction

So.. I’ve been shooting nudes for nearly 3 decades.. and I’ve had “” for.. at least 2 decades.. doing *so much* with it.

From a technical standpoint, I used to use a “CMS” (Content Management System) that was pretty easy to use and manage from my standpoint so I was able to keep working and not having to invest hours a day on maintenance.. but their Paid Membership configuration was less than stellar so, it never really took off. Now, I’m employing a standard WordPress configuration.. it’s been around for as long as I can remember and the “modules” aren’t impossible to deal with so.. it’s what I have to work with. 

From a personal standpoint, I “dropped out” way back in 1990 and went meanderment around N. America.. settled a little bit in Kelowna where I met the love of my life, Sparkle Faerie, and we moved to Banff and then Vancouver BC where a lot of my photographic work took place.

I’m still working a lot on a day to day basis.. Sparkle Faerie and I own a small hand crafting company called “The General Bean” and so we work with wool fibre day in and day through.. and we are raising our daughter in a creative, inclusive environment. Actually, we’re hoping she’ll get accepted to the local Art School for September.. 

I might mod/ edit this post.. but I’ll be making a post for each gallery that I post to my site in the “members” area.. and as a member, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Kat at Church

This was a super fun shoot.. Kat met up with me at work one day while I was painting a church located at W. Georgia and Burrard, downtown Vancouver. We then headed out to Wreck Beach for some awesome “sex swing in the trees” and sunset nudes before coming back to the Church so that I could finish my work day.. and we happened to get locked in the chapel. Well, since we were guaranteed of no intrusions (except perhaps the security cameras spying on us) Kat disrobed and we ran around the Chapel shooting and having a grand old time. 

We shot at various spots in the Chapel and we shot outside. It was great. I’ll admit-I was super nervous (as can be seen with the camera shake.. sorry) but it was definitely worth the risks. And so, here is my first post exploringWordpress…more posts will explore and exhibit more samples that you’ll find in the MembersArea (ComingSoon).