Kat at Church

This was a super fun shoot.. Kat met up with me at work one day while I was painting a church located at W. Georgia and Burrard, downtown Vancouver. We then headed out to Wreck Beach for some awesome “sex swing in the trees” and sunset nudes before coming back to the Church so that I could finish my work day.. and we happened to get locked in the chapel. Well, since we were guaranteed of no intrusions (except perhaps the security cameras spying on us) Kat disrobed and we ran around the Chapel shooting and having a grand old time. 

We shot at various spots in the Chapel and we shot outside. It was great. I’ll admit-I was super nervous (as can be seen with the camera shake.. sorry) but it was definitely worth the risks. And so, here is my first post exploringWordpress…more posts will explore and exhibit more samples that you’ll find in the MembersArea (ComingSoon).