General Introduction

So.. I’ve been shooting nudes for nearly 3 decades.. and I’ve had “” for.. at least 2 decades.. doing *so much* with it.

From a technical standpoint, I used to use a “CMS” (Content Management System) that was pretty easy to use and manage from my standpoint so I was able to keep working and not having to invest hours a day on maintenance.. but their Paid Membership configuration was less than stellar so, it never really took off. Now, I’m employing a standard WordPress configuration.. it’s been around for as long as I can remember and the “modules” aren’t impossible to deal with so.. it’s what I have to work with. 

From a personal standpoint, I “dropped out” way back in 1990 and went meanderment around N. America.. settled a little bit in Kelowna where I met the love of my life, Sparkle Faerie, and we moved to Banff and then Vancouver BC where a lot of my photographic work took place.

I’m still working a lot on a day to day basis.. Sparkle Faerie and I own a small hand crafting company called “The General Bean” and so we work with wool fibre day in and day through.. and we are raising our daughter in a creative, inclusive environment. Actually, we’re hoping she’ll get accepted to the local Art School for September.. 

I might mod/ edit this post.. but I’ll be making a post for each gallery that I post to my site in the “members” area.. and as a member, your support will be greatly appreciated.