I’ll be adding ZOOM functionality shortly.

    That means next session that has internet will be Live Webcast and all you’ll have to do is Log In and.. View!!!

    I’ve already purchased the Black Box video switcher that will make it possible to switch from one camera view to the next with the push of a button.. and I’m looking to add a third d5100…

→ Why the d5100?
    First of all, I look to Nikon. I’m an old Nikon user. Back when I was looking to work for magazines I did a bunch of research on different cameras. Canon and Nikon came out at the top for sports and action (not something I am truly interested in but I was looking at getting in to shooting MX events… so speed was important). The best story I heard that swayed me came from Wayne Duchart, Photography West in Kelowna and that was… ‘During the Gulf War, photographers would be sent out to capture what ever images they could. The shooters armed with Canon gear came back with broken equipment.. the shooters armed with Nikon.. came back with images.” Why? Because Nikon decided to build the F5 from the ground up as one contiguous unit. You purchased the Body and the Battery Grip all at once because it was.. one piece. It’s a massive “boat anchor” of a camera but it performs. The Canon option at the time was two pieces.. you didn’t have to buy the battery grip (but as a sports photographer you’d be stupid not to). So, that’s the Start of Why.
    So, most of my equipment is Nikon oriented. And keeping things Nikon oriented I can swap lenses out from camera to camera which is awesome.. meaning (for the art cameras) I can shoot one film stock for one pose, swap out bodies but keep the lens/ focal range consistent and then capture that same pose with a different film stock. Like- shoot colour print with one body and black and white // Infrared with the other.. that kind of thing. 
    But why the d5100? First of all, it’s an affordable body. It’s not new so it’s getting more affordable with each passing phase. Also, and this is actually the big reason why I am sticking with the d5100.. Frame Size and Image Depth is consistent from camera to camera so when I bring the raw files in to Premier for editing.. I’m not having to deal with different frame rates and dimensions. It’s a small issue but not having to deal with it helps a lot.

    Next.. I’ll work to make sure the cameras are dialled in. It is difficult and visible with the Kadence shoot.. sometimes the dSLR is set to record and it’s focus isn’t set.. I’ll be playing with aperture and focal ranges in the coming months but… the cool thing about having three cameras?? Two will be hard wired and tethered.. the third *MIGHT* be wireless.. that means it will broadcast in to the ZOOM feed without wires meaning… I can move around with it more freely. Turn it on.. switch the view to the live wireless steadicam camera and.. start moving around the shoot area. No guarantees right now on this but it’s where I want to go with this… and I am setting up an event for later next month that will *need* these items of hardware so.. if it comes together- it’s all dialled in licketty split!


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Julia On Wreck

The first time I worked with Julia was an interesting session. It was fuelled by a lot of wine on her part.. this was our second session and it was on Wreck Beach. It was a wonderfully sunny day and Julia was down there with her lover.. who we sequestered ourselves from. She had so much fun playing in the water and with the mud. And.. the tide started coming in.. which kind of caught me a bit by surprise. Lots of wonderful images of this small- cupped and shaven girl to enjoy. 

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Tricia in the Studio

Tricia, hailing from Nova Scotia, was living in Vancouver just after SparkleFaerie and I moved there.. she was a great model- very fluid. I’d say almost too fluid for me at points. But we had a ton of fun shooting with my new- to- me digital point and shoot.. my second Film camera loaded with colour and.. the wonder.. my fave.. the Nikon F5 running infrared through it. So, there’s a lot of interesting images and ideas at play.. enjoy.

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