I started shooting nudes when I was living in Kelowna. I was a “coffeefly” buffeting from coffee shop to coffee shop and, as always, I had quite the diverse array of friends- mostly women- of various interest groups and ages.This gallery represents some of the earliest~ but not the first~ sessions conducted in Kelowna. I still know many of the people there in.. and I do hope to work with them again one day.

The images are a collection of film stocks- standard colour, black and white as well as “infrared.” I was also shooting with both 35mm and “Medium Format” as I had a cool Canon A1 (35mm) and a Mamiya C220 “TLR” camera. My apartment was my studio and my neighbours closet was our shared darkroom.. it was an exciting time for me and I trace print ideas to this period.. ideas which will be tested out in the coming weeks here in my “TinyDark(room)” or UniDark Shack outside.. a darkroom I built on our property.. just need to move my bikes out of it 😉

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