Tanya came by the studio one day after a long bout of sitting and soaking up The Sun. She was a great petite model who wasn’t even 20.. I’d be lucky if she was 19 by the time she showed up in the Gastown Studio. We had a ton of fun.. a friend of mine, Rick, was making bank shooting basic nudes and selling them on a sort of content generation site so Tany and I were going to do the same but.. my work is too artistic for sites like that.. I mean, at ‘those types of sites’ the photographers~ most likely~ had never heard of a “pinhole camera” or pinhole filter.. You’ll find a bunch of pinhole experiments in this gallery.. the fuzzier images. But Tanya did have fun while I was playing around. Oh- and there are a bunch of black and white and infrared shots.. again, I shoot differently.. I think differently.. so, the end result is.. different images.


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