Grace on the Range

Winter can be a horrible time to shoot. Luckily, we had a bout of spring like warmth blanket the Calgary area so that Grace and I could head out and do some Range Road nudes. There wasn’t much of a plan but we had a ton of fun. And, once we passed under the Trans Canada Highway I had some ideas to shoot her.. right there.. right as transports and cars passed us by.

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Industrial Grace

A second shoot with Grace. This time, I wanted to explore pitting a gorgeous model with a super awesome bicycle. Kind of like the shoots I did with models and motorcycles years ago but with a much more sustainable item- the bicycle. We shot near my Bowness space.. in an area that is now being heavily redeveloped for residential uses. I can see it every time I head off to Home Depot or the post office and it’s growing with speed and severity. All land must be used.. or it’s a waste.

We did some smoke bomb experiments.. and the local security guard came by to check out what we were doing. It was super fun and some of the images from this shoot will be making their way in to my next book.. which might be a PrintOn Demand option meaning.. you get it quicker.. ish.

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Introducing Grace

Grace was one of the first girls I worked with in Calgary. She swung by the old, failed Beltline studio for a fun intro shoot.. 

We started shooting against the backdrop of My Display.. the “hard walls” that Sparklefaerie and I would use in craft markets for The General Bean. Imagine- a 10′ x 10′ space with wonderful raw plywood walls. Not only was it heavy to haul from market to market but it was wonderfully difficult to set up. Often, I’d hear (or Sparklefaerie would hear) others commenting on how I would just drill it together and lift it up like it was lighter than a feather. One comment, in particular, came from another vendor.. a gentleman who was used to working with wood, and he commented to her that I won’t like the hard walls when I get to be his age.. to which Sparklefaerie inquired.. “How old are you” to which he replied “45” … almost 10 years my junior (7 at the time)! I was running around and pretending to be a man much younger than my years belied. Oh well.. markets may be over but I am making use of the walls..

Having the hardwalls was a fun backdrop for me.. but moving in to the rest of the space was also fun. And Grace had no reservations about dropping all her clothes and showing off her “Naughty Brat” tattoo. 

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