Cali Luv

Cali Luv was an awesome model that hailed from.. get this- California.

She started off her modeling career as a teen fashion model and was recognized as part of the salacious teen modeling movement that was popular “back in the day.” When she turned 18 her popularity waned and so she started posing with less and less on. By the time she arrived in Vancouver~ for a quick working holiday~ she was completely comfortable posing fully nude and, by the time she got back to LA.. she had next to no inhabitions.

We spent the afternoon together and we shot all over the studio- it was a super cool space that we lived in (myself and Sparklefaerie, my wife/ love of my life) and had a ton of fun. I do think I was skipping work as a bike courier that day but what would you rather do.. pedal back and forth being sent on the dogs runs or.. create cool art with a cool unclothed model? 

There are so many images in her gallery- she was a very fluid model. As soon as she heard the shutter fire she’d morph or change her pose slightly.. it was an interesting session to say the least. 

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Rescue (working title)

So, the Canadian Supreme Court thinks that Extreme Intoxication is a defense.

I don’t.

My basic thought is.. if a person can choose to drink alcohol they are able to choose how to behave. I admit.. there have been times when I acted inappropriately when under the influence.. when intoxicated.. when bombed out of my tree. Once, I was put in cahrge of a friends booze (“Don’t let anyone drink it” was the saying..) but I’d never tried it so I sipped.. and sipped.. and found myself on the floor. To this day, I regret abusing that friendship but… I own it. I did it. 

But.. to do harm to another person is wholly different. 

I have long said- alcohol doesn’t open you up to different possibilities, it removes the socialized restrictions that generally prevent us from acting improperly.. in the right amounts, of course. And if that’s the case.. extreme intoxication would remove extreme restrictions?

I don’t think it should be a defense.

So I am going to make a video postcard/ short to that effect.

The working title is “The Rescue” and it deals with an event from mine own past where, at a house party, I watched as a young teen girl was fed beer after beer. I noticed her getting drunker and drunker.. at her age and body size, it didn’t take long, TBH. And then the *inevitable* took place.. she needed to go to the washroom at which point one of the boys that were feeding her HOPS offered to take her.. to the upstairs W/C.

I gave it a moment or two then followed.. and some guys tried to stop me.. and when I got to the room where they had her there were three guys around the bed and she was almost completely naked already. 

After a bit of posturing, I got her out and back to her friends who took her home (I presume) and we left the party in our coth- camper- van named “Beethoven.” This short deals with that event and how alcohol is used as a crutch.. I’m even using it that way right now (for different reasons).

So.. stay tooned for updates.

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