Introducing Kat

I met Kat at a little hole in the wall pub off Granville St. in Vancouver.. ironically, it was called “The Loose Moose” and was an aussie inspired place. Ironic.. since Kat is Aussie.

We shot several times before she moved back to Australia.. and each session was amazing. She’s a natural in front of the camera and she shines in person.. radiates with an infectious energy. Enjoy the sample here.. 


I’d be a bit more verbose with explanationals and stuff but the last four months have been massively hard for me. On a personal and business side. I’m actually quite tired. And with that.. I am spending more time working on my boat because I’m tired of saying “I’m GOING TO pedal around the world” .. I want to finally be on the other side of the journey where I say “I have pedalled around the world.” Hope you stick through this journey with me.. the massive psychological hurdles haven’t come to an end.. but I do see the size and amplitude of them diminishing.. I’ve been saying~ lately~ that the last four months started with a shock of realization and then migrated to a period of mourning.. mourning for the person I could have been had my parental caregiver actually given some care to my upbringing. Now that I have started the process of removing that person from my sphere of influence.. I am finding redoubled interest in mine own pursuits as opposed to the double edged sword of doubt and regret.


Anyhow.. lots going on. I’m booking new shoots.. Kat was just out in Perth, WA, for a shoot out.. and she’s excited for my arrival.. in 2024. I won’t be posting info on Ocean Cyclist here.. but it’s not that hard to go over there to find out how well that project is moving along. Oh- while I haven’t posted there in a little bit I am recording presentations and videos of work.. will be posting time- compressed sessions shortly.. since the boat sat, unmolested, for so long.. it’s suddenly jumped to life and grown to the projected 22′ length.. I have a few small things I need to do once COVID is over (COVID… as in.. *we* have covid.. my wife, daughter, and I picked it up last weekend/ last week) and then she gets FLIPPED OVER (first MAJOR change in the boat status in over a year) for the Cabiun Build…


My goal with The Boat is to have her enclosed by October. It’s not a huge task or far fetched goal.. most of the hardware is already here.. just need to pick up some T88 adhesive and some additional epoxy.. oh, and a bit of wood. It’s on it’s way… soon to be completed.

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