When ever I shot with Kat I would use two or more different cameras. The digital one was OK for shooting general ideas but when we landed on some good poses and stuff I’d pull out either my F5, the Nimslo.. or the Holga to get really creative.


The F5 is pretty basic.. well, not “basic” but it’s a 35mm film camera that I’ve been using ever since I flew off the hood of a speeding van as a cyclist/ triathlete. It was a fun flight and the insurance settlement let me purchase some killer camera gear. You will, also, find some square format images.. those are the “Holga” images and then there’s the images that look like there are four copies of the same image.. they aren’t copies and if oyu look at them closely you’ll see they are 4 different images- captured with the Nimslo “Quadratic Lenticular Lensed” camera. Super fun.

This is an initial gallery as I will be going in to the darkroom shortly to print.. the darkroom has been built and powered up I just need to connect the water and I’ll be printing like a mad scientist.