Teal and the Twins

Such an awesome model who showed up a little late for the shoot.. but we had a ton of fun meandering around the backlot.. 

The location of the shoot was a “backlot” or TV production set.. it was set up and used primarily for Dark Angel with Jessica Alba but also has been seen, frequently, in Smallville, Cat Woman (with Halle Berry) and a whole bunch of other productions until the locations demise due to gentrification and.. condo sprawl. It was a full city block but built facing inwards so, if you were walking along any of the adjacent sidewalks all you would see (if you were to peer over the boarded up fencing) would be.. more rough and raw plywood boarding. But- once inside you were presented with roads, buildings aplenty.. even the most popular film tunnel in the Pacific North West.. some claim to fame that was (and a great shoot backdrop.. wait for SparkleFaerie’s session(s) from this shoot).


Anyhow.. working through Teals material at the same time as.. boat work. Enjoy.

Teal in Two Sets

I met Teal in Boomtown.. a clothing store in Metrotown Mall.. Burnaby (Vancouver) BC. She was the only clerk on and I spotted her from the hallway so ventured to visit and chat. She’s an incredible individual.. spirited and free being the child of free loving parents. I can only hope my daughter will grow up to be as free and spirited as she is.

We worked together quite a few times over the years we were in Vancouver.. mostly shooting nudes but some portfolio work as well when both she and I were pushing for OneModelPlace recognition. Anyhow.. I’ve posted two galleries- more to come shortly. 

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