Meghan in the Alley

Meghan’s Alley shoot is live.. apologies- it has been live for a bit but I’m working on many different avenues right now and not firing on all cylenders.. so, I forgot to POST about the gallery.

Site News wise:
I am about to head in and do some tuning up. I have changed some settings so that the images get to be a bit bigger.. I’ll try to re- upload and re- populate already posted material but I can’t guarantee how quickly that’ll take place. I am, also, working to re- compile all the galleries in to ZIP formats.. the ZIP files will be FREE to download for Members.. or available through my GumRoad account  for $15 per download. 

And about Meghan..
I discovered her while I was burning around the city (Vancouver BC) as a Bike Courier. She was a receptionist and we’d chat at length when ever I dropped off to her office. She was a great and inspirational individual and I had a great time working with her over the weeks, months.. year or so that we worked together. Definitely miss Vancouver too.. the shoot options being.. plentiful!

Direct Link For Members:
     Meghan In The Alley

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