Kadence and the Kestrel

I was SO psyched to find a Kestrel A) in my size and B) at an affordable price.. I’ve always lived near or below the break even so there are a couple bikes that have always been on my radar.. Kestrel being one of them. Ordered it.. put it together myself (as I used to be a bike mechanic.. once upon a youngling time) and then Kadence swung by for a cool photo sess.. proof of concept/ work up of ideas.

The gallery opens with a multiple exposure over several frames that sees Kadence pitted with my bikes.. and my boat. The boat that has, now, grown to 22′ in length and might grow to closer to 24′ by the time the cabin is added.. and she’s fully Pedal Powered for Global Circumnavigation. Fun Boat.. or, it will be. Boat #2 is almost water- ready with it’s new Pedal Drive.. so testing waterage is on the horizon.

Anyhow… Kadence was a great gal to work with. Sadly, she’s focussing on her schoolwork (which is only sad for lack of sessions.. it’s a great idea IMHO).. but you can catch her now with my Kestrel.. right here (link valid for registered and signed- in site members).