Teels Second Print Collection

Teel’s Second Print Collection

Teel’s Second Print Collection is live.. link valid for registered and signed- in members only.

One of my all time fave models.. I loved working with Teel no matter if she was clothed or fully naked. A great person and a great experience, always. As I was going through the images and cleaning them up (removing the spottiness mostly.. dust from scanning as these are~ all~ film based images) not only was I yearning to get back to Vancouver but I noticed.. the floor was amazingly dirty! That house was impossible to keep clean and just as I thought it was clean.. our roommate would do something unbelievably idiotic and it’d be a disaster. He was a disaster.. and the import room mate was a disaster.. we lasted about 6 months in that space before we moved to the West End.. to a cute studio apt. a block away from English Bay.. oh, to be living there again… *sigh*

Anyhow.. there’s almost 100 images of Teel on the couch and in the space. Topless.. dressed.. topless.. great images and~ as I said~ a great session. Now, to work on cleaning up her third print collection (and there’ll be a bit from Sparklefaerie in that one.. some black and white scans).