SparkleFaerie in Banff

The pretty much complete and some never before seen images of Sparkle Faerie in Banff (link for registered and signed- in members only)…

We were living in Vancouver at this time.. probably had been for a little bit and decided to head back to Banff where we were living at the time we got married.. if memory serves, we took the bus back.. eek. 14 hours on “The Hound” back to Banff.. our Van wasn’t very trustworthy at that time.. so bus was a safer option and proved not to break down while our van.. well, it wasn’t prepped to start let alone drive the distance and back.

Anyhow.. we met Trish (link for registered and signed- in members only) there that started a many year friendship (to this day.. with new work planned on the horizon.. the next horizon we get back to Vancouver area) and we shot in our hotel (the Y on the other side of the bridge) and we shot right on the Banff Springs Golf Course… sure, the hotel has gone through a name change but I can’t stomach it. It’s always been the Banff Springs Hotel.. and it’ll always be nothing else to me. Oh- except pain since I put in a summer working there.

Anyhow.. not only my fave model of all time.. but the one person that has put up with all my bullshit, issues, problems, and suchlike.. the one person who has stood by my side when I’ve crumpled in pain and disbelief.. the love of my life (and the one who gae life to the product of our love). 

First Print Group for Teel

Teel is an amazing model and her prints are superlative. Some~ that got posted today~ have never been seen on the interwebs.. ever.

I was working on a concept so some of my shoots took that turn and the concept was.. a Fine Art Nude cook book. I had just “retired” from the culinary world and was meandering about as a bike courier but I’ve always… I mean ALWAYS… been super passionate about cooking so.. I had this idea to produce a cook book of my fave recipes. The ingredients and finished pieces would be displayed on… naked bodies. 

Well, Teel swung in to the E. 16th pad and we shot Montreal Steak Spice.. her gams nicely peppered with the stuff. I’ll be printing them in my darkroom shortly.. so, think of these as “initial” exhibitions that come along with a whole bunch of other images. The gallery is Right Here for registered and signed- in members.

If you haven’t registered yet.. I’ve extended the “discount” period to May 15th. I’m still super busy with *other* things so sequestering time to work on this site.. while it is a passion of mine.. is difficult. Once it pays the bills, that’ll change.

Meghans Prints

A second update.. on the same day..

This post has the Prints from Meghans sessions.. on Wreck Beach, in the Cordova St. alley. . a great collection of nudes that will be printed in wonderous 8×10 and 11x 14 sizes.. once printed, they’ll be available as purchase options, discounted for members.

I’ve been lagging on posting these as I haven’t had a chance to do the “dust and scratches” clean to them yet but I love them so much.. I figured I would share now and re- up in a bit with the cleaned versions.