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Emerald came down to Vancouver, from Kelowna, for a visit with friends and decided to have some poetry painted on to her. She was enthusiastic, energetic, and wonderful to work with. The bulk of our time spent together was consumed with me hand lettering my poem on to her body and this was a bit early on in the whole plan to publish a hand lettered poetry book.. this one specific poem being a bit too long for the published goal.. as you’ll see when the poem is exhibited in it’s entirety, it would be too long (vertically) to render readable in printed book format.. particularly if the page layout size was 5″ by 9″ (roughly).

So, this session was the one that made me re- think which poems, specifically, would go in to The Book.. opting for shorter selections.

Bat girl

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After leaving Vancouver, Sparklefaerie and I settled for a spell in Kelowna. That town is a bit prudish so I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Fenix and her penchant for being photographed without her clothes on. We met downtown and headed out to the North End mill where they air dry their 2×4’s and used them as the backdrop (and visual block for public invisibility). 

I’ll be back in Kelowna later this coming month/ early the next month and I’ve got several sessions already booked BUT… the cool thing is- I”m working super hard at getting Boat #2 set up so that I can install the pedal drive…

Boat #2 is a 16 foot Tandem Open Cockpit kayak.. so the cockpit area is already large enough for one recumbent cyclist. All I have to do is~ first~ get up the nerve to cut through the hull in front of the foreward seating position and build- up a “cowl” so that the water doesn’t rush in and then reinforce that in such a manner as to accept the Pedal Drive that i’ve got prepped and ready for use. With just that.. I can take her to water and pedal around. But if time permits I can add in the Drive Gear mount so that it’ll be almost fully dialled in like I’ll have my ocean going boat for Ocean Cyclist. So… gotta get working with epoxy again 😉

West End Girl by Two

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A couple sessions with Anna in the West End.. bring you two updates at once.

The first session was inside.. and outside. In the “Bachelor” suite that I scooped before it even hit the open market. I was a courier and on a delivery to that very address and as I stood there waiting for the manager to answer I saw that the suite that happened to be right there.. right at the front door.. was vacant and being worked on. So, when the manager answered and we were done with the delivery I asked if the apartment was available.. after all, Sparklefaerie and I were living in a pretty hateful situation (room mate from hell scenario). He told me it hadn’t come on the market yet but if I wanted I could fill out the application.. so I did and we moved in shortly there after.

It was a great space with a huge tree out front that blocked the view of the window quite nicely so we could walk around naked inside without fear of people, outside or approaching the front door, peeking in and seeing. That, also, meant that models~ who were more often than not fully unclothed in the space~ wouldn’t be seen.

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The other gallery was a different session but in the same space.. Sparklefearie had a huge wicker basket.. kind of like a laundry basket but large enough to fit a body in it. So, Anna climbed in and we shot in that.. and we shot on the floor.. and I experimented with using some filters (coloured filters) as well as putting my enlarger lens over top of my first kinda real digital camera lens to make it look almost like I was peeping through an oldschool keyhole. It was fun and experimental. I do still have that old Canon digital camera.. it dosn’t work any longer (broken bits of plastic make the batteries not stay in) but was way fun even if it was super slow in reactioning (I’d press the shutter release and it wouldn’t realize for a bit.. oftentimes producing either fuzz or motion). 

Watch for more updates coming shortly..