Kadence by Two.. galleries

With apologies, I posted a couple galleries the other day and forgot.. had brain fart.. on sharing the news publicly.  So, I’ll share, here, a direct link to Kadence with the Felt.. and Kadence with the Green Bike. Both have been “up” and live for a little while now.. and since I forgot.. here’s Kadence as Ainna. BTW- links are valid for registered and signed- in members.

The “jiist” of Ainna is.. it’s a Post Apocalyptic story I am looking to build in to a digital, print, and webcast series that will feature one specific persons experiences post- climate chaos. That one person is named Ainna and she’ll be navigating her days through burned out zones, abandoned areas, and have to negotiate with other people (seldomly).. so, the production is set to explore concepts of human, food, and product scarcity that I assume will be prevalent if we let the planet crumble without doing anything.

Ainna will, obvie, be moving around by.. you guessed it.. bicycle. She’ll be scantily cald most of the time.. more often than not topless.. but it won’t be a sex story.. the goal is to leverage the sensationalism of the concept to promote awareness of what we are doing to The Environment.

    As an aside.. many years ago I worked with Hippies.. right out of the 60’s.. and one night, sitting in front of the Defiant wood stove(we sold wood stoves and fireplaces and ceiling fans) drinking beers.. I bemoaned how there weren’t clear and identifiable issues like their time frame had… and I was immediately rebuffed.. “The Environment!” was the exclamation.
    Problem:  “The Environment” is a hard sell.. being “Anti War” was easy.. protesting violence and injustice was easy.. visible and identifiable. I’ve spent nearly 30 years trying to talk people in to comprehension.. I’ve lived my life as a cyclist for almost 30 years to SHOW people that slowing down.. changing lanes and lifelines is good.. that The Company Line isn’t good nor beneficial to US or the PLANET..a nd in all that time I’ve convinced exactly one person to adopt cycling.. 
    So… what to do? Put it square in their faces and EXCLAIM that The Environment is~ quite possibly~ the single most important.. single most pressing issue that has faced HUMANITY since the dawn of time. That’s why I want to make Ainna, After! And this set of images is considered a “proof of concept” that I am hoping to elaborate on this summer.