Droozey Spring Walkings

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“Droozey” is a word I coined back in the early 90’s that prtained to a muggy hot wetness.. sometimes it would be so wet it would be raining lightly but not heavily for, once it started raining heavily, the temperature would break and drop to be cooler. It’s a word I use to refer to Ottawa and her mugginess. Something that will never leave my system.

This shoot took place on such a day in Vancouver.. a “droozey” day of muggy rain. Well, it was *almost* a droozey day.. it was a bit chillier than normal or referenced but it fit the bill in all other manners. And the model rose to the challenge admirably.

We met at a nearby cafe and walked to the Arbutus foot path.. back then, it was still a disused rail line, and we found a good “spot” for her to disrobe. Then, it was a matter of just walking around and finding the different shoot alcoves for the session.. in trees, along fencing.. all sorts of fun places.