Party Grrl

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This lass was a meandering loster.. much like me. SHe wandered up and down the West Coast visiting party after party.. exploring her own sensuality and expressiveness all along the way. A wonderful and radiant individual. While we do see her nearly complete session, I will be re- scanning and cleaning up her film captures.

If you haven’t signed up yet.. Sign Up and help me out.. all memberships are being used as fund raising and/ or sponsorship support for my ecopunk project Ocean Cyclist.. at the core, that will see me build(ing!) and Pilot a pedal powered boat around the world to promote the adoption of sustainable lifestyle options.. such as cycling~ which I feel is key and central there to. I’ll be shooting NUDES where ever I make landfall (for the most part) and I’ll be recording MUSIC while I go (portable/ tablet based equipment).. and when I hit larger centres there will be HYBRID events that you’ll be able to attend.. even if you are nowhere near! Some fun on the horizon.

The Red Deer

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We’re starting out this week with nearly 500 images from a wonderful shoot I had with a cool teen in Red Deer. I was working as a commercial painter and the contract I was on was several buildings that were going up on the outskirts of town. I posted an ad in Kijiji and this awesome lass replied. Curvaceous, lithe, and expressive.. and just turned 18. I rarely share her images publicly as many of them are not friendly to websites- even the sites that are nude positive have issues with some of her images. 

As you may or may not know.. I’m using Memberships here as a Sponsoring/ Funding component to my ecopunk project Ocean Cyclist.. and the last week has seen great leaps forward in planning and work on, specifically, Boat #2.. in fact, while I don’t wanna “guarantee” anything (I do have a TON of work to do on websites AND the ever- present work needed by my hand crafting company The General Bean) but there is a good chance she might hit water this coming weekend.. in Kamloops area and next week in the Okanagan (Kelowna, specifically). So, if you haven’t yet.. SIGN UP and help me realize the dream of Pedalling a Boat around The World.

Further Within

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My project, now titled “Ocean Cyclist,” was originally titled FurtherWithin as I was working to purchase the custom pedal powered boat named “WiTHiN” (caps by the original owner.. not me, or a mistake). That boat was super cool and kinda long.. designed for two people to navigate from Tofino, BC to Hawaii and I figured it’d be a good starting- off platform for my global circumnavigation. Two shortcomings.. first, the boat sold to someone else but if I had purcahsed the boat I would have had to do some refitting for length and adding in stabilizing fins to minimize the Motion of the Ocean rocking. I admit, there were a few “blasted” images.. my D100 was on it’s last legs and the sensor was working.. not working.. working.. not working. I’ve chosen to include all just for posterity sake as this was a shoot designed to be used as promo to sell TShirts for Fund Raising… now, this website is fund raising.

I’ve also dropped a new SparkleFaerie gallerie.. members can click on her gallery link and check out her Golf Session (indoor). My fave person in the entire world.. playing golf (if you know me.. you know that Golf isn’t one of my interests 😉 ). 

Anyhow.. enjoy these two updates.. more to come shortly.