New Gallery

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I’ve started a new gallery grouping.. the “Ocean Cyclist” grouping.. images that I can’t/ wont share to that project but are more environmentally charged.. such as the nudes I did with Carolina along the shores of Wood Lake, on the  Pelmewash Parkway in the Okanagan.

Basically, we decided to take some time off from YYC and head to the Thompson- Okanagan for Canada Day doing double duty in Kamloops as tourists and merchnt vendors at the “Art in the Park” festival before heading down to Kelowna to visit family.. and sort of relax. Carolina met up with me the day we left and got all wet.. mixed up with plastic because I had just learned that microplastics have been discovered in rainwater! That means.. microplastics are pervasive.. are everywhere and we have killed our planet. In the span of one century we have turned up the burner and left only one memorial to our passing: mounds of garbage! We are to be villified.. we are to be chastized.. we are the evil- not Satan or Lucifer or anything like that.. WE are the devil himself.

Anna and SparkleFaerie

Not together.. but two great galleries posted for your enjoyment.

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Anna is here in a couple sexy outfits (non- nude) and Sparklefaerie is back at it with an unkn own photographer.

Basically, Anna was heading off to Japan to do some English Teaching during the hey-day of that sort of job and decided it’d be fun to have a make believe fashion shoot.. the nude component of this session is here already and I’m working on another update to come shortly that’ll be super awesome and fully nude.

So, stay tuned and sign up…

And oh- check out the new gallery dropped for SparkleFaerie.. it’s a sweet one!