Wrecked GlobalFest

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And here’s Katie on Wreck Beach.. with a little suprise rando meet up at the end of the session. We had so much fun in the early spring.. the sun was super warm but the air had a slight chill so when the wind blew it drew goose bumps on the skin. 

You might get the impression that I love shooting on Wreck Beach and you wouldn’t be wrong. While I have been in Calgary for almost 6 years and I see being here for another 6 on top of that.. I should be searching out prime shoot locations here but I haven’t found a spot anywhere near as cool and awesome as Wreck beach. In fact- I remember.. as early as 1990 when I was crashing on Pat’s couch in Kitsilano.. Wreck was the goal of destinations.

Well, here’s looking through an awesome session with Katie.. and if you haven’t yet- use the link below to Sign Up and become a MEMBER.. all memberships help my environmental project OceanCyclist grow.. and I’ll be shooting nudes when ever I can on that global pedal powered journey.




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I’m nearly certain that I’m missing a huge bunch of her images.. but here’s the start of her collection. I met her when I moved back to Banff after living in Kelowna and meeting Sparklefaerie.. my newspaper was on the rocks and I needed work immediately- and there was no work to be had in Kelowna. So, I evacuated once again and took off to Banff where Demonique was waiting in a shared accom place. We hit it off and did some pub touring together before she moved on to Vancouver. By the time Sparklefaerie and I moved to Vancouver, she was packed and heading to Montreal. These were taken on a visit back to the lower mainland.

Glorious Katie in South Granville

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Katie was friend to Gish (images coming soon) and so excited to be captured nude.. she swung by the old South Granville space and we played around. You’ll notice a few experiments.. we did some early era HDR toning to some of the images- back then, you had to shoot (digitally) with three different settings to capture all of the needed ranges and then~ in photoshop~ you could merge them a certain way. I admit- I always opted for a more comic book feel to the results while others went for hyper real results. The experiment was also a food presentational experiment for my long- wanted cook book.