Scott Road with Domonique

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     Met up with Domonique in New West, at the Skytrain station and we went across the Fraser River to the Scott Road station.. I’m not a frequenter of Public Transit so it wasn’t a site I was thoroughly familiar with however I had been working in White Rock and cycling one- directionally so, I was~ every once in awhile~ catching sitings of potentially cool shoot locations under the skytrain bridge system.. a great area that was.
     Domonique is a really amazing individual to work with.. truly creative and fluid.. and I was able to explore some really awesome angles and ideas with her. This shoot was predominantly Film based so there are some experiments.. like using the Nimslo Camera.. it might look like there are repeating images but there aren’t- the Nimslo is a “Quadratic Lenticular Lensed Camera” meaning- 4 lenses across one plane with each lens being slightly differently- focussed. So, the result (for me) is 4 slightly different images that get spread across the space of two 35mm negatives.. so a 36 image roll comes out as 18. There are, also, some HOLGA images and with the Holga, the “slide” on the back can inadvertently slip throwing the mask in or out of use.. and that’s what kinda happened producing ghosting in the frame. With a Holga, nothing is science it is all play!
     Anyhow- enjoy the set. I do have many more film scans of Domonique to go through.. so expect a new gallery of just film coming in the future.


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Valentina was a wonderful 18 year old Estonian lass.. she had recently moved to Vancouver and immersed herself in the local art scene and began working with many other photographers that I knew and~ while she was dating a body painter, she rarely did other styles than fine art nudes. She came and posed several times so there are a few more galleries to come from Valentina.. so, look for more updates coming in the near future. This session was shot with my new- to- me Canon point and shoot.. an initial forray in to digitalism.. I think it was a 1.5MB sensor and the location was a bike couriers place.. we rode together with Rush Elite (I think).. the names of the different companies blur together and are kind of obscured by years of turmoil and frustration 😉 At any rate, it was a cool West End apartment that was a couple blocks away from my pad and he let us use it for the day.

Update.. Anna.. and Julia’s Guitar

Apologies for delays in posting.. I’ve been consumed with AI image generation, admittedly. Not that I’m jazzed with or like Artificial Intelligence but.. AI image generators are a bit better at creating visual cues and producing shoot idea visuals than my rough- hewn stick figure sketches. If I had had the time I envisioned for artistic explorations throughout my life, I know that my skills would be up to par.. but that’s a story for another day. So, in the VERY near future I’ll have a plethoric exhibition of UPCOMING shoots.. shoot ideas.. I’m building them on a “directory” infrastructure so that each idea is encapsulated within it’s own gallery and I have the space to explain the prompts and motivations. Should be interesting.

I’m also launching a new social media campaign to promote PERMISSIONS. I’m using the hashtag of #SennoEctoGammat which comes from The Fifth Element (movie) where Liloo (played by Milla Jovovich) says, in “the divine language,” “Senno Ecto GAMMAT!” to Corbin Dallas (played by Bruce Willis). A scene or two later Dallas asks of the Priest Vito Cornelius as to the phrase meaning and the reply is “uhm, uh.. Never Without My Permission.” Long story short- I’m using my social media account @mscottault (at Instagram) to be a standard bearer for rights and permissions. I’ve got a huge collection of AI generated examples and I’ll be meeting with and shooting people for the expressed purpose of furthering the hashtag and concept.

Site News
Did some “tweaking” on the theme.. I haven’t been too thrilled with the narrow screen for exhibitioning and working so.. I found a way to “widen” the screen. It’ll take a bit of tweaking to dial it all in so the layout works but I do prefer the wider format. Kinda like my BOAT that I’m widening.. right now it sits at about 36″ wide.. I can push it out to about 40″ but I’m adding on a wedge of a ledge that will, at it’s widest, be about 5″ ot 6″ extra on each side. That means I’ll have a cavity to fill.. with Flotational Foam (two part, self- expanding.. 300Lbs of float per foot cubed.. the sides alone should be about 6 ot 8 feet cubed and the bow and stern solid float compartments will total about that as well) so that My Boat should float even if it’s compromised. And don’t forget.. Memberships Here SUPPORT the Ocean Cyclist Project.

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I’ve got Anna’s first session posted. It might get re- scanned and re- posted but it’s a great fun group of images. I still remember the day I met Anna.. it was typical west coast droozy.. well, chilly droozy.. rain kinda but not really and fall.. er, spring? There was a chill in the air and I was sitting on the top tube of my Specialized Stumpjumper~ the one I’ve recently turned in to the Suburbinator with the expressed purpose of GOING FAST… downhill (still haven’t tested her top end but.. its on the horizon, with drones). Anna came walking by under a big black umbrella and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.. so I asked her if she’d model for me.. the rest is history. Next time I’m in Vancouver we’ll be getting together for a shoot.. recapturing the past so to speak. 

Julia and her Guitar.. Studiously
We’ve seen Julia before (here) and (here) and we’ve seen Julia’s friend Brittknee (here) .. this was shot the same evening as the session with Brittany.. and coming soon will be a group of images of the two girls together. Sadly, I had a bike accident on my way over to their place and blew my photo lights.. also did a number on my knee and noggin. So, the whole session was Available Light Only and they didn’t want curtains open since their pad opened right on to Broadway at Kitsilano.. they didn’t want any prying eyes peeking in. Anyhow- this was a super fun session irregardless the hurdles.

And Finally
There’s a new SparkleFaerie gallery. Head on in and check it out. I gotta say.. she never modelled for me that way and it gets me… she’s so amazing! I guess that’s why we’ve been together for… so long  (married in 2000, FYI).