Nude at 19

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This session was absolutely awesome. I had spent an afternoon at a local resto- pub (pretty much my fave style of dining experience).. had a great sandwich and a few beers as the rain fell on Broadway (Vancouver) and Jules served me with a big smile.

Her interest apparently was piqued as I thumbed through my portfolio and she sidled up to me to “see more” and she was.. visibly interested.

We arranged for a session to take place a few days away and she came over for a great time. Up to this session, I had held~ in my head~ the idea of vaginal portraits as something I wanted to do. She was more than willing and even let me pull out the old Calumet for a large format portrait of her pussy (not published yet anywhere). Enjoy the session.. it’s slightly smaller than many but some great images therein.

Oh- and go check out Sparklefaerie’s latest update… with her wielding a camera (and losing her clothing). So, if you wanna see more of this awesome lass.. sign up- Lifetime Legacy Memberships are still live but only for a little longer then it’s on to monthly memberships.