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Apologies folks.. I posted the Anya Gallery the other day but gapped on letting y’all know.

Not sure what to say.. this past week has been kinda difficult but I’ve started rescanning things.. lots of images are slated for cleaning.. and since I’m scanning again, I gotta finish off Teal’s big session.. so that means there’s more Teal images coming shortly. I’ve also got TONS to post from SparkleFaerie so.. there’s a lot happening.

And I’ve been doing a lot of work on My Boat lately.. not physical but.. computational. I’ve started to figure out my DIETARY needs on a per diem basis.. starting with the caloric values of Monks Coffee (coffee w/ butter/ Ghee and Honey) and my oatmeal with fruits and yogurt and my numbers are looking good. Especially when you add in the mixed nuts blends I’ll be using as snack food every day.. I’m still miles away from my estimated 5000cal needs but I~ also~ think that 5000cal/ day is a bit over reaching.. I mean, I’ll be pedalling my boat for 10 to 16 hours each day (doesn’t sound like much but if you work an 8 hour day.. I’ll be pedalling for twixe that with consistency.. which is a lot) and at my age/ weight range 1 hour of cycling burns about 450cal.

Anyhow.. OH- I’ve got a couple meetings coming up with new potential models.. and I’ve been doing a lot of outreach for some cool shoot concepts.. I won’t let the genie outta the bottle just yet but I see Book Collaboration and some SUPER COOL AGGRO NUDES coming soon (when I say “Aggro Nudes” I mean.. they will be naked.. but they will have purpose as theoretical modifiers.. visual “Shakabuku” per se.. punk nudes is another way to say it).


BTW: since I was late in posting this.. expect a new gallery pretty much right away.. maybe even later today. Not sure who.. but it is already set up and almost ready to go.