Iona Beach and a Surprise

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We’re heading back to the beach today.. 

Apologies for the delay I’ve been scanning and seasonal work has crept up suddenly.. so, while I do keep on scanning and scanning and scanning.. over the next couple of weeks I won’t have much time to clean or post. I’m hoping to pre- configure a few galleries to carry through.. but the blog posts will be minimal (short).. possibly just a link.

The *jist* of the season, for me, is.. as a hand crafter, the pre- christmas Craft Market season can result in big money. In fact, it represents probably about 1/3rd or more of my annual income. So, it’s pretty important to make sure I have enough stock to.. earn the big ducats that are possible. That means I sit at my desk listening to music (right now it’s Edward Ka-Spell’s release titled “Red Letters”) and the computer screen in front of my face begs interaction.. begs me to keep working and fenagling and what not. But.. taking a moment or two can mean the difference between having enough stock and.. failing miserably.

The Portable Mess as it was in the Darkroom before relocationing.. including the MicroKorg synth.. some pretty cool pieces that I’ll be working with over the next few months intensely as I finish the “skeletal” build of my boat.. and work on EcoPUNK releases (the pedals on the floor are for Bass/ Mandolin and Vocals.. the other pedals are for iPad generated sounds to be mod’d).

On the upside- I have relocated my music gear in to the house. And, rather than having “too much” equipment.. I’ve decided to pack away my Micro Korg synthesizer for now. I’m focusing on tablet based/ app music production so I have a couple Korg Volca units (Sample and Beats) and two iPad Minis.. oh, and an Android Tablet with Fruity Loops loaded.. and it all connects to either my 8 Track Recorder or.. directishly to my macbook. So, once this hecktic season is over.. Music should be emerging from the studio.

And about Iona.. the weather was HORRIBLE.. the sun would be out.. then it’d go away.. the overcast skies were being a real pain in the butcus… Sharon was a great model even though she didn’t go nude. Her series with the red bikini were a bit more fun and they’ll be posted shortly..

.. and there’s a bit of a surprise post in there. A cool and sexy lass who came in to the downtown YYC studio for a test shoot.. she was surprised that I asked her to get naked right off the bat.. we compromised on undies staying on. Anyhow.. she’s there (remember.. link will only work really well for registered and signed- in members) in all her pale mostly unclothed glory.