Oopsie Daisey

This is a quick update post.. I’ve returned home and am “recuperating” but had planned this as a gallery post for while I was “out and about.” 

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So, the recap.. maybe again.. is that I drove from Calgary to Toronto for a trade show.. to be an exhibitor at the show.. and then tooled around Ontario for a couple days.. hung at an old friends place (wonderful and welcoming space.. diametrically opposed to the air bnb I stayed at while I was in Toronto specifically).. but I was more consumed with interacting than opening up computers and doing anything. Apologies for that. I arrived @home yesterday afternoon (with only one speeding ticket to my name) and will be back on track in a week or so. So.. what is this post about?

When I talk to models I do try to be explicit and explain clearly that nudity is on the agenda for our shoots. And, when I specify nudity.. I do mean nipples and vaginas may be exposed.. probably will be exposed. This session is an experiment in not exposing nipples or vagina.. mistakes happened.. but for the most part.. no “naughty bits” were exposed.

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