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Sparklefaerie, shot on yet another of the Dark Angel film locations in and around East Van.. the episode where Sketchy and Max deliver a finger (I think) to a gang.. and are almost burnt by the gang they deliver to.. well, much of the gang scene was shot (the outside shots) right here.. a wonderful and dark setting for a darkly gorgeous model and gothically inspired session. 

The two of us had a ton of fun shooting all over Vancouver.. and this is one of those sessions. I do admit- this is a small post and it is missing a TON of images. I kind of know where they are.. once I find them I’ll make Post #2 for my Darkling darling.. it includes her “deadly” dress… oh, that’s a great story…

We were at the Railway club for an evening of entertainment and just prior.. I had been in to (I think..) a shop called “Cabbages and Kinks” and spied this amazing crushed velvet dress with bell sleeves and, while we had agreed “no presents” to each other that xmas.. I couldn’t resist. So, sporting this amazingly short dress with bell sleeves, we entered the club and found our table.. she went off to refresh herself while I ventured to the bar to grab a pint or three of hopped beverages.

As she walked to the back, some rando guy was walking to the front.. to a table in front of ours .. but since he was in the back when we arrived, he had no idea that the two of us were.. together.. a couple.. that kinda thing and- motioning to his friends at his table and, with a swooping point of his arm, he exclaimed “DEADLY!” to his friends.. just about as he passed me. I mean- he was right.. Sparklefaerie is DEADLY.. and ever since then, that crushed velvet dress with bell sleeves has been known as her “deadly dress.”

It’ll make it’s appearance shortly. Promise. Gotta get Amanda posted.. then Hawgzotic.. and somewhere in there Gish needs to make her appearance.. and Emily… the former competitive swimmer.. I affectionately called her “Emily Shwimmer” 😉 

Anyhow- lots to post.. lots of work.. and I’ve recently (as in- TODAY) figured out a couple cool things for my boat.

The Boat Project is OceanCyclist.. ALL memberships here are being used to get and make and finish The Boat so that I can pedal my heart off for two years circling the globe promoting sustainability.. and living up to the “Taking Over the World.. one pair of breasts at a time.”

Anyhow- just before I left for Toronto I placed an order for a couple parts.. one being a teflon tube the other being a carbon fiber tube. The teflon tube is the external and the carbon fiber being internal.. they arrived while I was gone. But- they fit together PERFECTLY. 

Examples of the teflon tubing.. the inner hole diameter being the same as the outside diameter of the carbon tubes.
visual examples of the carbon tubing that’ll be epoxied to the rudder.. and filled with carbon chop inflused epoxy for enhanced strength and durability.

Thanks to teflons low resistance, it will be the tube through which the rudder POST will pass.. all tubes measure 50cm in length.. so I’ll be cutting down the teflon tubes to a length that is more manageable inside the boat then I’ll be setting up a sort of framework system so that it sites.. protrudes out through the bottom of the hull.. but sits nearly perfectly verticle.. and the framework will hold it there as I set about pouring in carbon chop- infused epoxy to hold it all nicely in place…The carbon tube will also be cut down in length but not as much as the teflon tube.. and one end will be split open so that it can be epoxied to the “kayak” rudder that arrived just after I left as well. The ridder will sit along the bottom of the hull and extend to the stern.. there will be a nominal amount of carbon tube protruding out of the teflon tube to which I will affix a “big” disk that will clamp down on to the carbon tube and accept two cables.. one from both sides of the captains chair so that.. quite simply: I pull one to turn one way.. pull the other to turn the other way. I will, also, be setting up a rubber band system to work as a return spring and will generally keep the rudder at “zero” or aligned with the boat pointing straight forward.

The transmission.. a pirated rear triangle from a Gary Fisher “Joshua” mountain bike.. it being a “URT” or Unified Rear Triangle.. the bottom bracket and rear drop outs are jointed together as opposed to a lot of other full suspension styles where the rear drop outs are floating to the bottom bracket. This keeps everything tight and dialled.. aand I just flip it upside down and use a basic disc mountable 9spd rear hub.. if you dig it, check the wrong- side gear.. that will have a chain that’ll drive the actual Pedal Drive… PERFECTO!

But that’s not all… 
I’ve been wrestling with how to accomplish a small 20mm washer add- on to my fixie hub so that my 9mm adapted thru- axle hub configuration could be used as a direct drive hub in my transmission. BackStory: My boat, being pedal powered, needs gears.. lost and LOTS of people have skoffed at my use of gears but.. the human physique goes through energy highs and lows all day long so, maximize your energy.. when you are on a high, flip it to a tough gear and chunder.. when you are feeling dejected.. slip it in to a lighter gear and spin. If you only have ONE gear.. when you feel overworked you quit it for the day.. and when you are feeling jazzed- you prolly don’t have enough gear inches to make it worth your while. My set up gives me RANGE. But- it doesn’t give me “reverse” so.. when I’m in harbor and trying to dock.. I gotta do something different. Then I found a front mountain bike hub that had mounts on both sides for a disk brake… and I had, already, found a gear/ ring that could be mounted directly to the disk brake mounts.. so, I picked up two gears and the hub and mounted them together.. fixie gears stylie.. but my transmission mount is an oldschool rear end of a bike frame so.. it doesn’t mesh with thru- axles.. so I gotta convert it all. Done.. one part purchased and it’s sorta converted.. but not locked in.

As I drifted in and out of sleep this morning.. I thought of “Set Screws” .. so, I’ll get a set of 3 or 4mm screws (3 or 4mm long as well) and drill three holes in to the hub body.. set in the screws (repeat for side two) and.. VOILA- no specialty machining of custom parts at all. I’ll have a shot of the sleek red hub with two gears on it shortly.. the original one got ripped off so, thanks to membership sign ups here.. I was able to replace the absconded hub and pick up the replacement gears. It looks so cool.. all anodized red an shit.

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