Sparklefaerie on Wreck Beach

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The Digital Images…
When we moved to Vancouver.. we were living in our camper van named “Beethoven..” living by the “river” (by the Molson’s plant at the foot of the Burrard Bridge… so, “false creek” to be specific.. sometimes we’d walk past the plant on the Burrard side and there’d be this guy sitting at a control desk.. the Canadian Homer J. Simpson we called him…) so.. at that time, Wreck Beach was kind of our home away from home.. our Living Room.. a place where we could stretch out and just BE. We really liked it and it was such a cool place.. great people.. super fun. So, we would make trips there when ever we could, even though we were living in regular (or “normie”) spaces.. well, “regular” for a couple of crazy kids who lived in a van for almost 6 months of the year 😉

Anyhow- this is the digital captures from the session. I’ll post the scans shortly.. the film never got scanned and these images never really got shared anywhere.. till now. 

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