Hourly Modelling

A scrolling example of past images captured by me.. over the years.

Paid Modeling options, currently, aren’t open.

    Generally, paid modeling options are paid based upon “on camera” time.. so, the amount of time you are in front of the camera. Rate vary starting at 80$ pre hour and going to about 175$ per hour. Some considerations to bear in mind:
    • Arriving on Time is crucial
    • Arriving ready to shoot is imperative
    • Wearing loose- fitting clothing is a good idea. Tight fitting clothes tend to leave impressions on the skin that can take over an hour to ‘mellow out‘ and I prefer to shoot without those marks.
    • Arrive with agreed upon hair and makeup treatments.. as an aside, I do prefer a more natural look so, hair that isn’t all gummed up and immobile and makeup that is business- professional day styled rather than theatrically garish is, again, preferred. 
    • pubic and pits.. hair is preferred to be shaven/ no stubble.

Openings: Currently there are no positions available for Hourly Work.

Thanks to the wonderful and most awesome pandemic, incomes and available funds have changed dramatically. I am, also, more interested in working with interested parties on Mutual Growth Options.. collaborative profit sharing. Take a peek at the Collaborative Options.