My name is M. Scott Ault.. a skipped- generation Canadian artist. I work in several different media- 2D painting on canvass, 3D soapstone sculpting, literature, soundscaping, and~ most prolifically~ photographically.. with a decided specialty within the Fine Art Nude genre.

My grandfather, Ludlow J. Weeks, was a Canadian Geologist and artist. While he did fight for our country in WWI, he~ also~ spent many months and years in the Canadian North. As a geologist, he spent his time studying the formations and availabilities there.. often composing many wonderful sketches and paintings of what he saw day in and day out. Perhaps he was inspired by colleague and friend Maurice Haycock~ with whom he built a super cool little cabin, that survives *somewhat* to this day in Pangnirtung~ or perhaps he inspired Haycock. Either way, Haycock was inducted to The Group of Seven (round two) and the family rumour has it that ‘Lud‘ was invited, as well, however- he chose to pursue his profession further rather than his passion for painting.

One sojourn to The North he ended up as a chapter in the book “Livingston of the North” a chapter that documented Ludlow’s emergency operation to re- attach a severed nerve that was sustained in a hunting accident. I remember my mother speaking of how his hand was permanently “fixed” in an almost grip like position.. as a result of this accident (his shot gun went off in to his arm pit severing both arteries and nerves.. luckily, Livingston was a doctor and was able to operate to save patient and arm).

My story starts in 1967.. only slightly after Ludlow’s comes to an end.
I was born in a small(ish) city that happens to be the seat of national governance for Canada.. but I always had sights larger than it’s municipal borders. Always had visions of greater things ahead for me (or, so I am told).

My artistic pursuits started at a very very young age.. exploring crafting and creating with little or no boundaries. This aptitude was developed after my parents divorce when I was about 7.