Back to The Beach

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Some topless and non- nude fun was had at Iona Beach.. it was a really long day you could say and the weather kept shifting from sunny and warm- ish to deeply overcast and.. down right cold. The two models did amazingly well and the two camera men were troopers through and through.. and I ‘worked it’ real good. Well, except when the camera gave me crapolla problems. I don’t think my old D100 ever really “sang” to me like my D610 does.. and I’m hoping to add a D5 to my “stable” shortly.. why a D5? Because my film camera.. THE film camera that I prefer to use is the F5.. so, even though Nikon has moved on to the D6.. I want the D5. A great compliment, IMHO, to the F5. 

Non Nude Session with this awesome lass on Iona Beach.. Link works for Registered and Signed in Members only.

Anyhow.. sorry for delays right now.. with markets and MAKING product for markets.. I have tried to stay on top of just scanning images and even that has had to be stopped.. we (my wife and I.. as “The General Bean”) need to make as much money at markets through this season as possible. Once it’s over.. I’ll be posting video from this session, in chapter format, as well as a few other videos.. and I gotta admit- I’m having a TON of fun messing around with AI filters for videos.. so, expect to see a bunch of that around xmas.. or early in the new year. 

And.. I’ll see if I can post a gallery while I’m away/ on the Market floor this weekend. No promises but I’ll try. 

Pixie Again

Another wonderful session with the Pixie model.. such a tiny, petite frame and she loved showing off her bald pussy so openly.. what a wonderful session it was. I’ll admit- the canon digital was a bit lacking in shutter speeds and my lighting was.. well, it was one fresnel stage light.. it did wonders for illuminating her luscious pussy lips but the colour casting was a bit.. well, we’ll see what happens when my colour processing kit arrives and I go off of my own visual inspiration.. in other words, I’m fed up with commercial print processing at places like London Drugs so I’ll be processing colour film and printing colour prints before too long. I’ll be concentrating on 8×10″ size so that I can easily scan and post but my goal is 11×14″ and larger.. with black and white prints being hand sensitized on stretched canvasses.. goals.

Still in the midst of market mode.. I m ight (no promises) have a live feed next weekend.. if not, I’ll be trying to schedule a live feed for around xmas.. doing a weekend long session with a few models bringing back ideas for the culinary nudes and promoting sustainability type things… fingers crossed on all fronts.

Pixie in the studio

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This tiny pixie of a lass was so much fun to work with. I thought I had already posted the session of her on Wreck Beach but.. apparently not. So, this is Introduction to Pixie. We did a couple sessions in the old Gastown warehouse (was gonna add a map marker but the URL is crazy.. but went streetview on it and apparently.. as of April 2023.. the WHOLE building is up for rent… dream/ swoon.. I’d give my eye teeth to live there again).

Anyhow.. these two sessions (here and here) were super fun… she had this amazing alt/ goth vibe even though she was working downtown near a copy centre.. leveraged a friend and nearby co- worker to do the ASK for me as I was a courier at the time and every single time I walked past her shop.. she’d be busy with customers.. so asked a friend and thing came to thing and she swung by for a wonderful session that has led to be a long lasting friendship (and that means.. next time I’m in Vancouver there is a 99.9% chance of a new session with this awesome lass.. showing off her new tattoo’s and piercings).

The General Bean @ the 2023 Art Market craft and artisans fair, booth #413

And on another note…
I’m in the midst of Market Seasion if y’all didn’t know/ read about it. I thought I’d have more time to do site work.. not that the site demands a lot but.. even the simple task of scanning images is hard to find time for this year. We’re hoping this weekend, and another weekend in a couple of weeks, will be KILLER and will result in some great developments for our small hand crafting company “The General Bean.” 

An interesting emergence this weekend.. I’ve been doing a lot of headspace work on old sculpture concepts~ probably not well known is the fact that I am a soapstone/ mixed media sculptor (also a painter.. not just “commercial” painter.. I cut my teeth when I was hitch hiking using oils on canvass to express what was going on inside my head)~ and, with a view towards merchantability I’m coming up with a Marvel Team Up of awesomeness.. Ill be working on three sculptures this coming spring titled “Vertigo,” “Mute,” and “Destitute” merging rusted and welded metal elements with fine finished soapstone.. average size will be HUGE“Vertigo” will measure, in exhibition mode, about 4′ tall, 3′ wide and 6 or 8″ deep consisting of found & weathered red brick, soapstone, and metal it’s weight will be quite.. massive.. and while this will be the largest of the pieces.. the other two will be somewhat similar in size. But- exhibition is only valid, to me, if PEOPLE see the works and as such I’ll be negotiating with shows like Art Market (Calgary), Circle Craft (Vancouver) and One of a Kind (Toronto) for domestic exhibition and sale of merchantable goods (my books and tshirts and stuff). So, pretty exiting to me to have reached some initial ideas and potentials. 

Anyhow.. thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you enjoy the lastest couple of galleries.