Are you a Photographer?
Do you shoot Art Nudes?

Do you want to see your work in print
and~ at the same time~ help my
Ocean Cyclist Project out?

The cover of my old Arts and Entertainment monthly publication that covered the Thompson- Okanagan valleys. SO much fun making and promoting the arts through this.

    I am an old school print publisher.. I LOVE print. And I want to publish a “magazine” that will feature your work in all it’s glory! It will be “print on demand” and/ or digitally delivered using one of the many various PoD platforms (Ingram Spark, Magcloud, and/ or Blurb, as examples) meaning once the issue is laid out people can purchase it and have it in- hand in a very short time frame (printing can take a week or less.. shipping is determined by the customers speed of delivery choice).

    • The “Magazine” will be an 8″ by 10″ softcover “economy printed” perfect bound book. This means.. colour from cover to cover and all the edges are “squared off” perfectly.. glue bound along the spine.

    • The target MSRP will be about $20 which means $5 is paid out for layout and $5 is used to fund Ocean Cyclist.

    • While submissions don’t cost anything.. this is a fundraising venture and, as such, there won’t be any compensation for inclusion over and above purchase of your issue(s) *At Cost* .. so, at the price set by the printing company. I’d love to say I’ll send freebies out but the price of each unit is pretty high.. it’d bankrupt me to do so which is kind of the opposite of raising funds for the project.

But that’s not all..

    As an artist, myself, I am currently networking with exhibitional space along my proposed route for a “travelling art show.” I will have people fly ahead and do the ground work for set up et. al. such that~ upon my arrival, the Show can hold an Opening Celebration.

It’ll be a real travelling exhibition and I want you to be part of it.
Sample Volume coming shortly