Collaboration & Profitsharing
    Profit Sharing is a working relationship where we, as a team, produce material that will be made available for retail consumption. We, then, share in the profits of said sales. Our product is a physical, professionally printed, and bound Book.

Base Profit, per item $3.00 usd
Bonus Conditions:


    1. Social MediaSocial Media is a strong method of outreach.. we’ll be leveraging our productive work to draw in audience before sales even take place Activity
    2. Arrive on TimeYour time is just as valuable as my time.. so, let’s make the best and most efficient use(s) of our time together
    3. Arrive Ready to ShootAgain, let’s be efficient in the use of our time. Sometimes, all this means is that you come to the shoot wearing loose and flowing clothes that don’t leave indentations in the skin. We can’t shoot until those indentations mellow out completely~ by way of example.
    4. Arrive w/ Agreed Hair/ Make Upshould be more along the ‘natural’ lines.. hair shouldn’t be gelled- out and immobile.. makeup shouldn’t be stage performer garish.. natural is the name of the game. Specifics will be discussed prior to a shoot if needed.
    5. Videovideo has grown up to be a very strong method of promotions and so, shoots will~ probably~ be documented with one or more camera(s) capturing live action Documentation
    6. Shavenwhile “natural” looks are preferred, when it comes to “pits and pubes” it is my visual aesthetic that shaven bare is the desired look. Sculpting pubes (landing patch, by way of example) is OK but the one thing that isn’t accepted is.. stubble. Stubble can end a shoot early.– NO stubble
    7. Full Frontal NudityMeans you will be~ at one or another time~ facing the camera fully unclothed, frontally. Breasts and Pubic area will be visible but not close- up.
    8. Genital ExhibitionRefers to clear visibility of the genital region through pose and placement. Most commonly, legs open; Does not infer close up or any manual contact with the genital area.
    9. Erotiquegenerally reserved for individuals 18 and over; considered ‘sensual’ but non- prurient and non sexual from a thematic standpoint.
Total Per UnitPotential:
Income @ 1,000 unit sales:
$0.10 usd
$0.10 usd
$0.10 usd
$0.10 usd
$0.10 usd
$0.10 usd
$0.20 usd
$0.80 usd
$ 1.40 usd
$6.00 usd
$6,000 usd
D2C Sales Bonus
    D2C, or Direct To Customer, sales negate the “middle” or intermediary sales channels of retailers et al.. thus, the profit potential is far better as the bottom line maintains the stated MSRP (strictly speaking- the MSRP is a price that is stated to retailers and is adhered to by The Website(s) that sell The Book. If sold Directly to the consumer, the “spread” between the Wholesale Price and the MSRP is split roughly between the Production “Team” and the Model).
Bonus Value~ per unit:
Total Profit Sharing Potential, per unit:
Potential Income @ 1,000 units sold:
$10.00 usd
$16.00 usd
$16,000 usd
Digital Download Options
    Digital Downloads are taken care of by “GumRoad” and are an unlimited sales chanel. So long as the file is available for purchase, you have the option to make money through it. Generally, the files offered for sale through this chanel will be single- session files. That means if we get together 10 times there will be 10 downloads available for purchase.. if one person buys all of them that’s about $60 USF right there. And, we’ll be working together to promote and spread awareness of the awesome nudes that we are working on so.. it’ll be awesome. Basically- sales are already happening.. without any advertising SO.. let’s get collaborating licketty split.. the sooner we start working, the sooner we can, both, start earning!
File Cost:
Your Share:
Per Sale Value:
$15.00 usd
$6.00 usd
Kindle Delivery Options
    Amazon Kindle is a potential delivery option. I will admit that I am not very familiar with it.. but I’ll examine the potential and options pertaining there to in the coming weeks such that we can maximize our income potential(s).
File Cost, guestimated:
Your Share:
Per Sale Value:
$5.00 usd
$2.00 usd