Collaboration & Profitsharing
    Profit Sharing is a working relationship where we, as a team, produce material that will be made available for retail consumption. We, then, share in the profits of said sales. Our product is a physical, professionally printed, and bound Book.

Base Profit: 10%
Inclusive Of:

        •  Fully Unclothed Sessions.
        •  Hair/ Makeup as discussed.
        • Clean shaven “Pits and Pubes.”
        • Full Frontal Nudity.
        • Studio, OnSite, and/ or Remote modelling.
Add On Percentile Considerations:

    1. Social Media ActivitySocial Media is a strong method of outreach.. we’ll be leveraging our productive work to draw in audience before sales even take place
    2.  Arrive on Time & Ready To ShootYour time is just as valuable as my time.. so, let’s make the best and most efficient use(s) of our time together. Any specific hair/ makeup needs will be discussed ahead of time.
    2. Natural LookA more natural look is preferred.. specifically regarding hair and makeup.
    3. Video PreRoll & Exit Interviewsvideo has grown up to be a very strong method of promotions and it’s fun to shoot a warm- up and cool- down video chatting in a casual manner.. it gives viewers a greater perception of YOU and who you are. 
    4. Video DocumentationAs above, so too here.. documenting shoots in video format will increase marketability of the overall product- the book about YOU!
    5. Genital VisibilityRefers to unobstructed visibility of the genital region through pose and/ or placement. This does not mean close- up or “spreads.”
    5. Genital ExhibitionRefers to showing off of the genital area and can be accomplished through many unique poses that don’t approach adult content or look forced.
    6. Non- Sexual EroticaConsidered ‘sensual’ but non- prurient and non sexual from a thematic standpoint.
    7. Annual BonusPercentage awarded to inspire participation from individuals under the age of 20.

        Total Add On Potential:
        Total Potential Percentage Share:



Digital Download Options
    Digital Downloads consist of single session collections of images that are compressed in to an archived file or “zipped” together. Interested individuals can purchase said “Zip” files one at a time at “GumRoad” and it is an unlimited sales chanel.. so long as the file is available for purchase, you have the option to make money through it. Sales are already happening.. without any advertising SO.. let’s get collaborating.. the sooner we start working, the sooner we can, both, start earning!
         File Cost:
         Your Share:
         Per Sale Value:
$15.00 usd
$6.00 usd
Kindle Delivery Options
    Amazon Kindle is a potential delivery option. I will admit that I am not very familiar with it.. but I’ll examine the potential and options pertaining there to in the coming weeks such that we can maximize our income potential(s).
         File Cost, guestimated:
         Your Share:
         Per Sale Value:
$5.00 usd
$2.00 usd