Jasmine Tea and Bikinis

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Jasmine… ahhh, jasmine.. she was working as a security guard at 111 Dunsmuir while I was a bike courier. I still remember seeing her with her hair pulled back wearing her starched white shirt and navy pants. Quite the sight.. and then to see her exploring and exhibitionistically disrobing almost without question publicly.. what a treat. 

After our first session outdoors and walking around Downtown Vancouver, she came by the old space near Main and 16th.. the majority of the images you see in her gallery are from that one day. There are a few missing neg strips and all images are negscans.. raw but for resizing. Some of her images will be printed in the coming weeks to 11x 14″ size and offered for sale in the Print Gallery.. some will be hand tinted.

And there’s an update to the growing collection from the day on the Darkangel Backlot.. my fave all time model, SparkleFaerie, along with Linda Cusmano  showing off some micro bikinis outside of the building that was the Jam Pony base of operation (around the side from where they were). I gotta say.. the show wasn’t that great (and the second season really was reaching..) but it was so cool to be there on that set and.. now, to watch the show and see places where I had models posing. Oh- and in one episode of the show.. a friend of mine is clearly visible (they hired actual/ real couriers as extras).

Oh- and a Boat Note…
I’ve been planning on buying and installing 3/4″ plywood as my boats cockpit floor.. but I have, also, been feeling that 3/4″ is.. overkill. Yesterday, when I was over at Home Depot.. I saw 1/2″ plywood.. nice, thick.. not too “bowed” as a lot of wood, in general, is these days coming from Home Depot.. so I’ll be going with that. I’ll grab two slabs.. one for the cockpit floor (it’ll get sanded and then epoxied/ painted to smooth it all down) and one for what I call the Flashlight- the flashlight, name, being derived from the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight I used to live in when I was hitch hiking around N. America.. small, ssvelte camping tent. And my “flashlight” will be similar in size and shape.. 

But- once the cockpit floor is installed.. work will start to progress quite quickly.. I’ll be using ram board to mock- up the nose of the boat and that could take place quite quickly. And with the warmer weather on the doorstep.. I’ll be heading to unfrozen waters (and nude models) to test and shoot.. the future looks crazy but cool!

Of Labia and Micro Bikinis

Quick post..

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Amanda’s second session was.. interesting. I was at the height of allergy season and my skin felt like it was on fire.. but where we were to shoot was deep in grasslands and well, I’ve been allergic to grass ever since I was a kid so, I knew I had to wear pants. Might all sound obtuse but.. the shitty thing is- if my body temp rises.. my allergic reactions increase. By the time we got to the shoot location I was sweating and itchy. Thus, the shoot was cut drastically short. But we do get to see her wonderfully formed labia out in nature!

I’ve also uploaded a couple more Galleries from the Motorcycle day in Darkangel’s Backlot. Head over and check them out.. Linda Cusmano (Canadian Triple Elite fitness competitor) is there in one of the skimpiest bikini’s ever made.. and did you know that the name “Bikini” was actually derived from the Bikini Atoll and the nuclear testing that took place there? The inventor of The Bikini felt that the name would imbue the design/ product/ category of wearable with as much importance as the testing that was going on.. or something like that. I’ll be partnering with some great and micro bikini companies for upcoming shoots over at Ocean Cyclist so.. Stay TOONED! Oh- and don’t forget.. if you haven’t Signed Up yet.. Memberships~ here~ are being used to help me re- purchase and purchase necessary items for my Boat Build.

The latest purchase?
This little gizmo/ collection of harware pieces.. thanks to the latest couple of registrants I was able to purchase this tiny FPV drone camera with broadcast sedn/ recieve hardware. The purpose/ use in My Boat? I’ll be mounting three of these at the top of a MAST that’ll sit about 3 or 4M above the top of my boat.. the mast will be held up by cables and I’ll be able to take it down for shipping (or passing under low bridges) but.. when I’m out on the ocean it’ll be UP and two units will face foreward with overlapping field of vision and one will face backwards.. and the broadcast will be connected to my tablets giving me.. a good view of the world around me! Initially, I was toying with hardwired USB webcams.. but the run of the USB cable was looking to be too long.. approaching maz run lengths. And I’d have three (3) cables to run through the mast (and three cables to worry about water with). This will need ONE power cable that’ll get split at the end to the three units.. and each camera will get connected to one specific tablet.. easy peasy, lemon squeezy! In a couple weeks.. I will be adding in some wood to finish off the cockpit flooring.. at which time the boat will really start to GROW!!!!

Dark Angel and Hawgzotic

Alright.. here we go with the DarkAngel Backlot photo feature.. with Hawgzotic and nearly a half dozen gorgeous models.

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The backstory(ish):
I was approached by a Brazilian bikini manufacturer to shoot their goodies.. with my models.. and I heartily accepted. Their product was.. skimpy to say the least. In fact, they were known for being the smallest bikinis in the world, at that time. So, I reached out to a few models I knew and inquired as to their interest to shoot with the bikinis.. and more if I could pull it together.. with positive returns.

Then I reached out to local motorcycle companies to see if anyone wanted to do a Sexy Girl + motorcycle session.. if I could provide the girls.. and bikinis.. and so long as both girls and motorcycle company were comfortable with the bikinis disappearing and the models being.. possibly naked at some points. I heard back from a Langley custom builder known, at that time, as Hawgzotic. Kinda cheesy name.. but hey- their bikes looked good so.. I went with them. 

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My big idea for the session would use a local Backlot as a full day location.. a Backlot being a permanent film/ video production area that usually consisted of a full city block.. or more. They were popular before green screens and CGI. In short, if you walked past a backlot and looked in, from the sidewalk.. you’d see nothing but what looked like broken down and/ or boarded up structures.. but once inside the property it could look like city streets complete with “finished” buildings and lights and fire hydrants.. everything. But- it was all just a facade.

As our shoot date approached and I hadn’t heard from The Property Management firm.. my stress levels were climbing.. I found two other viable options, neither of which were “Backlots” and so.. neither were ever used for the production of Dark Angel, the tv show with Jessica Alba.

Finally, three (or maybe four) days before the shoot date.. the property management firm replied to me saying that I could use the place.. for a day.. for free.

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So, day of arrives and five or six amazing models showed up.. the motorcycle company brought in barbeque and bikes.. about 6 or 7 complete and one nearly complete.. and a bunch of “rollers” or.. frames destined for builds. One bike (noteworthy with the Iron Cross on it’s sides) was Todd Bertuzzi’s bike that was nearing completion.. the guy was famous in the area at that time for being a pretty good hockey player. So, we featured his bike in a few.. one with grinder and titanium but the guy with the grinder was scared to get too close to the bike.

All in all it was a SUPER fun day.. you will find Teal’s sessions here and already posted over in her gallery.. I am trying for “cohesion” and keeping all the content shot on this one day together.. with the addition of Shannon’s pre- session studio day. I guess I should also be putting Teal’s pre- session studio day here as well.. but I’ll leave it where it is in her Feature Gallery (it’s the session with her wearing Chain mesh shirt (and not much else). 

Stay tuned for Gallery Updates to come shortly.