Features- Two; Tiffany Summerz

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Missed posting this the other day.. the last few days have been absolutely insane trying to prep for a bit of Vay- Cay time in Northern BC.. so, squirreling all my necessary tools, hardware, and needed makers supplied so that my wife.. my partner.. the love of my life and my BOSS and I can come back with some roughly made stock for the upcoming market season…

Long and short of it- we  are, finally, in Northern BC with inlaws and chilling.. sort of. And I can hotspot my laptop so that I can do some posting.. finally.

Anyhow- here we have wonderful Tiffany again. It was a chilly shoot.. far colder than either of us anticipated but the location was to DIE for.. an old abandoned building along the 1-A.. an old windy ribbon of asphalt that wends its way from Calgary to Canmore with some great twists and turns.. a great motorcycle ride.. sadly, we were in a mini van 😉 And the spot is right at the base of Mt. Yamnuska.. a mountain that was clearly and frequently presented in the film “Legends of the Fall” with Brad Pitt and a few other people. 

Even though I’m not at the home office, I’ll be trying to set up a couple more galleries in homage to Thanksgiving.. the *real* one (Canadian Thanksgiving.. the one that, to me, more closely coincides with fall harvest and is a comfortable distance away from Hallowe’en/ Xmas so there’s no real confusion there. 

Might be good to note.. even though Thanksgiving is really the only oddity.. when celebrating seasonalities, I will be paying closer attention to Canadian designations as opposed to US/ international ones. 

Anyhow.. enjoy Tiff and look for more of her this week.. along with other material.

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I’ve been so “head down” and “Blinders On” that I didn’t realize I gapped on posting about the first gallery featuring Tiffany. It’s in the general “Features” gallery.. which is a config that might change. As I am toying with featuring other artists, models, and what not.. the designation of “Features” might grow to be an all- encompassing grouping with it’s own post streaming if that makes any sense.. 

Anyhow.. Tiffany’s FIRST gallery can be seen by clicking on the image, at left. The first grouping of our explorations in to clothingless posing out along the 1-A highway en route to Canmore. We had planned on heading to the 1 and hitting the abandoned gastation that sits just on the Calgary side of Kaninaskis.. but it appeared to have been plowed and inaccessible. Plus, Tiff was already super chilled and hadn’t started warming up yet as it wasn’t a long drive from Point A to Point B. More to come from Tiff.. especially as we near Hallowe’en.

Scott Road with Domonique

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     Met up with Domonique in New West, at the Skytrain station and we went across the Fraser River to the Scott Road station.. I’m not a frequenter of Public Transit so it wasn’t a site I was thoroughly familiar with however I had been working in White Rock and cycling one- directionally so, I was~ every once in awhile~ catching sitings of potentially cool shoot locations under the skytrain bridge system.. a great area that was.
     Domonique is a really amazing individual to work with.. truly creative and fluid.. and I was able to explore some really awesome angles and ideas with her. This shoot was predominantly Film based so there are some experiments.. like using the Nimslo Camera.. it might look like there are repeating images but there aren’t- the Nimslo is a “Quadratic Lenticular Lensed Camera” meaning- 4 lenses across one plane with each lens being slightly differently- focussed. So, the result (for me) is 4 slightly different images that get spread across the space of two 35mm negatives.. so a 36 image roll comes out as 18. There are, also, some HOLGA images and with the Holga, the “slide” on the back can inadvertently slip throwing the mask in or out of use.. and that’s what kinda happened producing ghosting in the frame. With a Holga, nothing is science it is all play!
     Anyhow- enjoy the set. I do have many more film scans of Domonique to go through.. so expect a new gallery of just film coming in the future.


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Valentina was a wonderful 18 year old Estonian lass.. she had recently moved to Vancouver and immersed herself in the local art scene and began working with many other photographers that I knew and~ while she was dating a body painter, she rarely did other styles than fine art nudes. She came and posed several times so there are a few more galleries to come from Valentina.. so, look for more updates coming in the near future. This session was shot with my new- to- me Canon point and shoot.. an initial forray in to digitalism.. I think it was a 1.5MB sensor and the location was a bike couriers place.. we rode together with Rush Elite (I think).. the names of the different companies blur together and are kind of obscured by years of turmoil and frustration 😉 At any rate, it was a cool West End apartment that was a couple blocks away from my pad and he let us use it for the day.