Meghan on the Tracks

Apologies for the delay.. but here’s Meghan “on the tracks..”

The Old Province..
    This shoot took place before the Port Authority locked down access to Port Areas.. so, where, once, I shot Sparklefaerie and many other models near the waters edge.. near the old Rogers sugar refinery or in amongst various buildings that can, occasionally, be seen in such productions as Dark Angel (with Jessica Alba).. access is no longer permitted.
    This shoot was within eyesight of the pedestrian overpass that lead from 601 W. Cordova to the SeaBus terminal (a red covered pedway in the background) and also clear sight of the Province building (home of the newspaper “The Province”). Meghan was a great and lithe model and her flexibility really shows through. Enjoy the shoot.. I’ll be posting a few more galleries from Meghan in the very very near future… with many coming as well.

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     Meghan On The Tracks

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Meghan in the Alley

Meghan’s Alley shoot is live.. apologies- it has been live for a bit but I’m working on many different avenues right now and not firing on all cylenders.. so, I forgot to POST about the gallery.

Site News wise:
I am about to head in and do some tuning up. I have changed some settings so that the images get to be a bit bigger.. I’ll try to re- upload and re- populate already posted material but I can’t guarantee how quickly that’ll take place. I am, also, working to re- compile all the galleries in to ZIP formats.. the ZIP files will be FREE to download for Members.. or available through my GumRoad account  for $15 per download. 

And about Meghan..
I discovered her while I was burning around the city (Vancouver BC) as a Bike Courier. She was a receptionist and we’d chat at length when ever I dropped off to her office. She was a great and inspirational individual and I had a great time working with her over the weeks, months.. year or so that we worked together. Definitely miss Vancouver too.. the shoot options being.. plentiful!

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     Meghan In The Alley

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Wrecked Jennie

   OOPS… with apologies, this gallery has been up for a while.. I just got side tracked by work on my cottage industry sized hand crafting company and forgot to finish this off…
    So.. here we have 18 year old Jenny.. on Wreck Beach. It was her very first nude modelling session and it was a great, atmospheric day on the beach. While I do love bright sunlight.. I also love days like this- it was misting out, and the grey clouds overhead really lent an unique feeling to the shoot.
    This post probably contains only the digital files as I, still, have a lot of personal printing to do for the film based shots.. but there are quite a few. I’ll see if I can update the folder later.. or I’ll just create a new gallery with her film based images. 

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    • Wrecked Jennie