Site New(d)z… May 2023

Some News…

Samples of my own Fine Art Nudes.. that you can find inside right now

I’m not just a photographer.. I’ve LONG been yearning for Print Publication of my literary works and as such, I decided to delve in to the publishing world and learn what I had to learn.. especially if I was gonna publish my novel.. my way.. on my own. It’s been a long journey.. and a few years ago my novel did get printed.. and I’m starting to market it now (long and sordid story.. that I’ll save for another day).

Back in the Day, I used to publish an Arts and Entertainment magazine in the Okanagan.. and I loved that. It was amazing. I had so much fun! Sure, it was stressful but it was good stress.. not like right now 😉 

Anyhow.. I’m launching ALTPHOTOART, the magazine!

The magazine will be FREE to paid members, available as a GOOGLE DOC. It will, also, be ported out as a PDF and sold through one of many different PDF Magazine Sales platforms (link(s) will be provided shortly) AND it’ll be available as a Print On Demand magazine. It’s gonna ROCK… it’ll share content with Savage Progress (some) but it’ll have it’s own content as well.. and it will be featuring Art, Artists, Models, and other considerations pertinent to Fine Art Nude photography. It’s where I’ve wanted to be since launching Altphotoart.. and it’s gonna be awesome!

Thematically Speaking

So, I haven’t been supr thrilled with the theme installed on the site. It was good n all but.. not good enough. So, I’ve switched to a more generic theme.. it’s the same theme I’m using on a few other sites and I’m pretty comfortable with it.


Big thing I like is the different sections that are page- based on the landing page (home.. index.. what ever they are calling it these days). It gives me more room to express who I am and what I’ve got to share on one landing page. It might hurt me in the long run- I mean the whole SEO issue and suchlike but.. I like the options.

So, the site is grey now instead of black. I’ll change that up in a bit.

Big thing for me is functionality.. and I’ll be migrating the site from this server to a new one in a few months- that’ll seriously upgrade functionality for me. Right now, I get a lot of “will retry; host may be throttling” messages.. or worse. And with streamlining will come more and more frequent updates to the galleries.

Oh- and adding in more functionality to the site will be nice. 

Anyhow- it’s been a good couple weeks.