The Fine Print… 

Further examples of my past work through the years.

As you might expect, there are terms and conditions to a collaborative agreement. First, we have a meeting and talk about our individual hopes and aspirations.. mutual goals.. and go over some of the contractual documents. Next we get together for a first session and, following that, we set up a couple more. Pretty basic, ye?

The Documents:
        1. The first document we’ll be going over is the “Contract to Produce.” It’s a legal document and it shows that we are agreeing to work together for a specific project and goal. It itemizes costs and compensations so we are, both, covered in the event of dissolution of the project.
        2. The other document we sign takes place after the first shoot and is the “Release” form.. it stipulates where and how the images can be used and we ascertain, within the release, that conduct was professional. 

Both documents, listed above, are designed as two halves.. there is The Photographers copy and The Models copy to both. Furthermore, the model is provided with copies of all images/ files captured (still and/ or video). Thus, you have A) all images and B) A Contract and C) A Release that stipifies uses and permissions.. so, if you find your images used in a way we did not agree upon.. come to me and we’ll chat about it.. but you are protected.

Calculations of Compensation