Let’s Work Together..
    .. for mutual growth and benefit

More samples of mine from the various eras and areas I’ve shot in and models I’ve shot with.

    Working together is a collaborative relationship and collaboration means~ quite basically~ that are both part of the creative process and we, both, gain from the productive output.

Let’s publish a Hardcover Book.. All About YOU!
Another way to put this is.. Profit Sharing!

The Deal:
    You won’t pay a single red cent.. not for photographic services, not for hardware.. no costume or special effects fees.. nothing.. but you will SHARE in the profits!

Your Investment is Time.. Unclothed.. in front of my camera(s).

The Overview:
    The Book will be about 8″ by 10″ and anywhere from 120 to 200 pages long.. and it’ll be a beautiful Hard Cover, Full Colour book.. and the contents will be all YOU.. unclothed. Other formats exist and high selling books will be “ported” to different sizes and formats.

A Book takes awhile to put together
   If one session gives us 200 images~ total~ of you.. there would be about 10 images that would be book worthy.. and a book can have upwards of 200 images.. that means we’d need to get together for about 10 sessions. One Session can be as long as three hours but I’d say an average of 2 hours is a good estimate. At that rate: 10 sessions X 2hrs each= 20 hours of shooting time.. 20 hours of you being nude in front of my camera.

20 hours to earn $25,000* or more
Worth it? I think so!

And the return?
    Your income is 100% Percentage Based and can be as much as 25% of unit value income. Based on an 8×10″ book at about 200 pages, a realistic MSRP (rounded up) would be $100.. so, on a per- unit “Direct to Consumer” (or D2C) sale you can expect to earn up to $25 per sale. One print run will be about 1000 units initially so.. 1000u x $25= $25,000.. for about 20 hours of being nude in front of my camera

The “Catch?”
    You can expect “reprints” once we are nearing the sold- out status of Your Book. That means more copies get ordered. And when that Print Run sells out.. you will have earned a potential $25,000 more. But- how much “extra” work have you done to earn that extra income (this isn’t really a ‘catch‘ .. really) ?? Nothing at all! No extra modelling.. no pay outs.. nothing. This is referred to as a “Residual Income” which is needed as we move forward in our insanely priced world!

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More Exact Percentile Breakdown Here






*estimated based on single print run(s) of one thousand units sold Direct to Consumer at maximum potential profit sharing percentage(s).