More samples of mine from the various eras and areas I’ve shot in and models I’ve shot with.

    Collaboration means~ quite basically~ that WE work TOGETHER for productive output.

    The goal, here, is a Hardcover Book.. All About YOU!

    *This isn’t “Print on DemandA style of “publishing” whereby no physical goods are printed until an order is made.. and then, only the order volume is printed. There is no guarantee of consistency of quality, output, or anything as there could be months.. or years in between printings. Not looked at as a viable publishing platform.” publishing.. this is professional publishing using a professional bindery house*

And the best part..
    since we are collaborating.. working together on this project- we, also, SHARE in the profits! The rate of ‘sharesies‘ is a bit confusing thanks to digital sales and all that but it’s basically between $5 and $15 per unit>
    Initial “Print Runs” will be anywhere from 1000 units to 2,500 units~ that you don’t pay forI’ve already invested more than $45,000 in hardware and well over 20 years of research and exploration.. so that you don’t have to spend a single penny on this project! I’ve also negotiated killer print prices and networked with very reliable shipping agents.. all you have to do is pose.. naked.. a few times (about 10 sessions, TBH) and the book will virtually miraculously appear ready for customers around the world to purchase!~ and with an averaged income of $10 USF per unit that means you’ll earn between $10,000 and $25000 when we are “sold out” (and ready for a reprint)!

Time and Money break down basics 
    One book will take about 10 sessions at 2 hours of on- camera time each session for a total of 20 hours… collaborating could bring in $15,000 USFestimated and averaged.. total income depends on sales chanel, print run volumes, and other factors which, broken down by session works out to $1500.. and hourly- that’s about $750 per hour for being naked in front of my camera. But, some people prefer to be paid on the barrelhead, as the saying goes.. thus, the  hourly max is 125$/Hr and that would work out to.. a maximum of (still..) 125$ per hour for a total income over 10 two- hour sessions of $2500. 

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