& Profit Sharing

More samples of mine from the various eras and areas I’ve shot in and models I’ve shot with.

    Models have, traditionally, been paid an hourly rate and that’s fine but.. I feel that the input a model provides is far more valuable than the “industry standard” hourly wages.. I feel Profit Sharing is a much greater method equality and should provide higher remuneration for your time investment in fine art production.

   And today, there are SO MANY different avenues of income generation.. working together for Audience Outreach will result in a residual income through the years. 

Let’s start with Digital Downloads
    An increasingly popular method of income generation.. a photo session is packaged in to a “ZIP” file and uploaded to any of many available services (I use Gumroad). Customers purchase the file for immediate download and.. they get the full session right away. I usually put in a PDF promoting my ecopunk project Ocean Cyclist.. outreach. Out of each download, you will get 40% of the sale price.. with 40% going directly to Ocean Cyclist and 20% covering platform fees, equipment, etc. With an average price of $15 per download, that means you will get $6 Per Download.. and if we do a multi- scene session, each “sceneI use the term “scene” to refer to different thematic content elements.. shooting in a living room would be it’s own ZIP seperate from images shot in a bedroom or kitchen” is broken in to it’s own ZIP meaning one session could produce three or even five different ZIP files.. all bringing you $6 per sale.

It should be known that I don’t sell content to websites. None.

    ZIP file sales are only one method of income.. there is, also, Book Sales. As a self- publisher, I have relationships with printers overseas that have, already , provided me with awesome prices for Hard Cover Book printing.. and I’ll be releasing several titles in the coming years but if you really like posing nude and are interested in really earning from it.. think about a book all about YOU.. nude. Fine Art Nude.. Erotic Nude.. Sensual Nude.. but you- 100% from cover to cover!

Let’s break open Book Publishing, to start:
    • One Book w/ est. retailcurrent prices are rising due to Print On Demand books.. this is *about* reasonable. of $100
     Booksellers Comission: 50%
     $50 OVERALL profit
     Your Comission for Book Sales is 25%
     25% of $50 = $12.50 per unit..
1,000 units printed.. initially.
     1,000x $12.50= $12,500

Examples from Reanna’s Diary and other hard cover books published by Goliath Press, Germany for which The Models earned not one cent over their Hourly Wages.

    Your profit off of JUST one published book can be $12,500 (USF) Per Press Run!

    The content of ONE book can take a total of 10 sessionsthe average $100 value book is about 150 pages.. a two hour session can produce about 15 GREAT images so, 10 sessions is a benchmark and not an exact estimate. Some models will take longer to reach publishing quantities.. some less. at 2 hours (avg) per session for a total of *just* 20 hours invested in YOUR BOOK. I cover everything else.. all equipment needs, all printing and shipping fees.. everything else.

     $12,500/ 30 hours = MORE THAN $600 per hour.
    • If the book sells well, we REPRINT IT meaning: DOUBLE your income without doing an single thing!

Your Investment is Time.. NUDE..
My Investment is photographic skill, equipment, publishing, promotions.. & More!

Let’s look at a popular nude art Book..
    A very popular book~ Reanna’s Diary~ was reprinted more than three times to a total volume of approximately 500,000 units. It retailed for over $100 US and the models within that book~ along with the namesake model Reanna May~ earned nothing over and above their hourly wages. The photographer and The Publisher made serious BANK off of the girls within that volume without sharing that windfall in the slightest.

And all you have to do is be your naked, awesome SELF in front of my camera! 
Sound Interesting?






*includes single model content productions; grouped productions, pending permissions (meaning: I ask you for permission to include you in general interest productions) are paid at a Share of the Creator Percentage.