The Gear List

I’ve been using Nikon gear for ages.. I first picked up the Nikon F5 way back after being hit by a car and flying 20′ through the air. The accident settlement bought me that package.. and I’ve been a Nikon shooter ever since.

Nikon F5
The F5 was Nikon’s flasghip camera.. I’ve owned two and I definitely prefer using this camera over pretty much anything else. I have added a Nikon N90x to the pack so that I can shoot with different film stocks like Infrared and Colour.. or what have you. But, the cameras are really just black boxes.. sure, they have lots of bells and whistles but when push comes to shove if the “glass” is crap, the images will be as well. And, I’ve invested in my glass- my fave lens is the 35- 70 f2.8 micro.. it’s a perfect range for nudes and it has the “micro” or macro switch to get in really close. Super awesome.
Format: 35mm film

Fuji GX680 III
This is the newest- to- me camera.. it shoots what is called “6×8” or “Medium Format.” The negatives measure 6cm by 8cm (unless I get the mask.. in which case it can shoot 6x 4.5… but I’m good with 6×8). The camera has a “bellows” for focusing and the front standard has Rise, Shift, Tilt, and Drop capabilities so architecture can look super awesome.. or, personally.. nudes in front of architecture can look super awesome. But, the camera captures incredible images even without using the front standard mod options. Just a killer camera!
Format: Medium Format/ 6cm x 8cm

Nikon d610
The 610 is a great little camera. It might be a bit outdated but it’s super awsome none the less. I love using it.. and it’s a great tool to proof ideas for print capture- it helps save money on film developing and all that. I do use it a bit, as well, for general captures.
Format: FX/ Full Frame sensor

Nikon d5100
I have two d5100’s and they can act as great video capture devices. While the sensor is “APS-C” sized, the cameras are great. Set them on a tripod and let them do their thing.
Format: APS-C

And More.. I’ve also got a super fun Holga (film; negatives measure 6cm x 6cm), a Polaroid, and a super fun “Nimslo” 4- lensed beauty.. all for creating nudes that aren’t normal- Nudes that are nothing but Celebrational!