Random samples from my graphically enhanced literary novel “The Death of Love” which is on- sale now to help raise funds for my Global Circumnavigation. Grab a copy.. or three.. spread them around.

But.. what experience do I have?

My involvement with Print Publishing goes way way back.. to the late 80’s.. possibly even earlier.

Some people say “write what you know” others say.. Explore and create something new. I say- write what moves you. If it moves you.. it should move others. And so.. I realized that living a life of grey boredom in The Bubbledome (my nickname for Ottawa, On., where I grew up) was going to be just that.. boredom.

So, I set out at the ‘dawn of a new decade‘ and went to explore.. to see what I could find.. and intermixed within that concept I hoped to find my tale.. the tale I needed to tell so bitterly and disasterously.

Anyhow- I worked for a newspaper in the Okanagan while I was in University.. a newspaper that I~ eventually~ became the managing editor for. Following that, I launched my own monthly Arts and Entertainment news-ish paper.. it covered Osoyoos to Kamloops with a centre in Kelowna. It was awesome.

Then I set myself to the task of working on my novel- fitfully and sporadically, to be sure.. since I would~ more often than not~ invest 110% of my abilities in other peoples projects.. from someone else’s TV show “concept” to commercial painting.. it didn’t matter. I always told myself that I was working towards the greater good and that, some day in the future, I’d have enough money and time to do it right. And what a rush it was to pull in to the shipping warehouse and haul out 1000 copies of My Novel!

Today- I know the hardware and the software for book publishing and the actual act of publishing my own novel showed me a ton of things that will be covered and taken care of for Your Book. Basically, I’ve developed a relationship with an overseas printer that is awesome.. and connected them to shipping companies to get the book from There to.. Here.. quickly. 

I am, also, in the process of laying out my own art nude book- it’ll be more of a “retrospective” covering many years since.. well, I’ve been shooting for many years.

So- Let’s Get Working!