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A Sampledellic example journey through the years

    I’ve been shooting for nearly 30 years.. during that time I’ve worked for TV shows, movies, newspapers/ magazines, custom motorcycle shops, and lots and lots of models.. especially Playboy/ Maxim models out of Vancouver. Most of my shooting was in Vancouver.. and most of my shooting has been nudesthe nudes I create are.. different. Unique. Individual. And I am always looking to work with outgoing and adventurous individuals in a variety of settings... but location is about to change.. in a big way!

   I’m about to embark on a two- year journey promoting sustainablism.. and while I’ll be taking the long and slow way aroundI’m going to be piloting a Pedal Powered Boat (“pedal” as in.. bicycle pedals/ pedalling) around the world so, at about 100Km/ day that means I’ll be on the water for about 450 days (give or take).. all because I want to promote sustainability!.. you might have the opportunity to meet up with me and/ or my team at some crazy exotic places like Johnston Atoll (link opens in new window) in the South Pacific or Baker Island (link opens in new window) to shoot in and amongst some cool South Pacific ruins.. on your own, with other models.. and maybe even with bicycles (more on that, later). Open the links and zoom out to see how difficult it is to visit those places.

Eco(nude)Modelling… Modelling (nude) For Change

Profit Sharing & Nude Modelling 
    I’ve always felt that The Model (or, MUSE as some people say) is an integral component to image creation. Without a strong and expressive individual the resultant work will be flat and lifeless. Profit Sharing is a way to ensure YOU, the model, are compensated for your input to the finished work.. and hourly rates far fall from potentials, IMHO.