Altphotoart :: A Fine Art Nude Photographic Community

Altphotoart has been a passion of mine for many years. First, there was "PhotoSIG" and then DeviantART but.. one fell to the wayside and the other got inundated with people posting material that wasn't their own. With ALTPHOTOART, it is my objective to focus on the CREATORS & COLLABORATORS.. but welcome the fans and patrons of the arts to the group.

In this respect, registration is required.. in order to Post and Participate, you will need to be of the appropriate strata.. there is a level for MODELS, for Photographers/ Creators.. and for Fans/ Patrons. All levels cost $15 USF right now and, as a measure to provide people with something to do during the COVID-19 self- isolation "thaing" .. we are leaving registration at that until Sept 15th 2020.

A quick note: All memberships can upload material.. but if any individual is found to be posting material that is not of their own creation or collaboration, that member, their IP, and all their posts will be removed from the site and access denied.