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Welcome to Altphotoart.. the home of my personal Fine Art Nude photography. For a limited time, membership here is $75- No renewals.. No Upgrades and .. No end date in sight.

Plain and simple- 75$ USF for "lifetime" access to this website.

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Although this website is my personal portal of Fine Art Nude Photography.. the membership funds are being used to fuel and grow my EcoPUNK project "Ocean Cyclist." As such, no refunds are offered. You are free to terminate your membership at any time but refunds will not be provided. From a technical standpoint, you are paying $50 for Access to the website as it is at the time of registration only and, as a thank you, any future growth and development of the site, it's offerings, and visual product is auxillary there to and provided at no additional fee, charge, or requirement.

The price for membership is $75.00 now.

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