Q.: I have braces so I can’t smile
A.: Smiles are awesome.. no matter what! While I understand that braces can be uncomfortable.. natural, wide beaming smiles are amazing no matter what! I’ve worked with several people- old and young- that have had braces and they have all~ without exception~ looked incredible when they shone their pearly whites to the camera. We’ll take it as it comes.. work together.. and I’m certain you’ll have awesome photos!

Q.: I dont want to show my face
A.: While I can understand wanting to maintain anonymity, I do prefer to work with individuals who aren’t afraid to be recognized. One or a handful of images in that style is acceptable but to publish an entire book with heavy use of any one style or theory is taxing to the reader~ as exemplified by this review of the Richard Murrian book  Reanna’s Diaryreferring to the photographic style: “The soft focus wore on me after a while – there was scarcely a crisp, clean line anywhere in the collection. Romantic vision has a place, but the strength and agility of the figures was never allowed to come through. The orange cast, possibly suggesting firelit warmth, was decidedly overused.” while this isn’t talking to avoidance of the face it does speak to over- use of one concept within the book environment..

Q.: I’m the wrong age to model nude.
A.: No Way! Fine Art Modeling has no age limits or restrictions.  The Human Body~ in all it’s various forms, stages, and styles~ has been the subject of artistic creation for centuries. Celebrating your unique beauty is the basic concept and as such, the artwork won’t be composed with ‘Prurient Interests“Prurient Interests” are defined as “lascivious or lustful thoughts, desires, etc.// causing lasciviousness or lust.” And my work has long been decried as being “Too Artistic” and, thus, lacking in prurient elements which most websites rely on for sales.‘ in mind.  Jock Sturgesspopularized for his work with naturist models of many various age ranges. His work is Large Format and superlative. A true inspiration to mine own goals., is an internationally recognized fine art photographer (whom I look up to immensely) who works with a wide lattitude of ages.. his work spans decades in, both, productivity and subject chronology. As well, look to Richard MurrianRose to popularity at the dawn of the digital era for his book “Reanna’s Diary” featuring fashion models Reanna Mae and Jen Hilton whom he photographed at 14 and 15 yrs of age and the volume is still a sought- after collection of sensual nudes. and David HamiltonLooked upon often as the “grandfather” of soft- focus modeling. His work with still photography and cinematic productions is still, to this day, envied by many and collected by far more. both prolific and celebrated artists who worked with unique individuals. Personally,  I don’t see “age” as a barrier at all since my goal is to celebrate the beauty of the human form.. in all it’s stages and with all it’s “flaws.”

Q.: Is $3M realistic?? 
A.: Of Course!! But it does depend on you.The potential starts with you- youthful, vibrant, outgoing- and how that translates to the camera. From there.. it’s just a game of numbers. You can get up to 25% of the revenues per unit.. so a $100 book, sold D2C,  @ 25$= $25 (numbers are averaged for simplicity but not far off). How many units would have to sell in order to make $3M? 120,000! One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Units. That’s not a lot. Reanna’s Diaries, by Richard Murrian, went in to a second press run which means it probably exceeded 200,000 unit sales. It also depends on Time.. sometimes sales for a book will start slow and pick up over time.. that’s why this is a great “residual income” option.. sell 50,000 units over time and it means a great income.. quite possibly *right when you need it most.* but there is another thing to think about…. 

Q.: How will sales take place?? 
A.: As these books are partially being published as a fund raiser for Ocean Cyclist, they will all be promoted and sold through that website.But that also means.. as my audience for Ocean Cyclist grows leading up to nautical launch and throughout my Global Journey.. more people will be looking at your book.. and that means more people will be buying your book. I’ll work hard to make sure your book is treated with the uttmost of sincerity for promotions resulting in awesome sales volumes.. but~ as above so, too, here~ it all boils down to YOU.. if you are outgoing, energetic, engaged, adventurous and youthful.. your book will sell!

Q.: Have you ever published something?? 
A.: I used to publish an Arts and Entertainment newspaper in the Okanagan valley.. it was a monthly and I started it from scratch. Super fun. As well, I recently published my graphically enhanced literary novel for which I did all the photography, manipulations, editing, layout, and sourced out an awesome printer.. who will~ also~ be our printer.

Just an FYI 
I look at things differently.. so, I am currently (1) negotiating the distribution of a quarterly free- to- collect (freebie) magazine up and down the West Coast of the UsofA and at select locations around Canada. Our book will figure prominently in that magazine. I am, also, (2) networking with overseas warehousing/ fulfillment centers so that the finished book will travel a *short* distance to it’s home and when ever an order comes in.. it will ship from that centre- cost savings for storage and cheaper postage.. and postage costs orders. And finally if our book earns enough I’ll be (3) bringing select individuals along on Around the World photo tours for additional options.