My Newsletter is almost ready to go!

I admit.. I’m a stickler for laying things out exactly the way I want and I haven’t had much time to set up the Master Pages lately so it’s an item that was shelved in favor of.. getting the site off the ground. But, with all that said.. I am nearing completion.

The Newsletter will contain elements that cover my own work as well as work for Ocean Cyclist~ the header image being shared, somewhat, with that site/ project.. however, you’ll notice (if you take a touf of that site) the cyclist on this site is a little less attired on her bike. But, the two newsletters will share “Horrorscopes with Mayhem and MisDemeanor” as well as Fish Heads and Flowers. But here.. I’m also hoping to share monthly poem placements and recipes- where the finished item is displayed on a.. you guessed it.. naked model.

Each issue is $5 but free for members.