I am The Ocean Cyclist.. and I am going to go around the world in a Pedal Powered Boat!

My “Circumnavigation” will be done entirely in a fully enclosed Pedal Powered boat.. it will be 100% Prpelled by pedalling and it will be 100% Powered By Pedalling! I can say this because I’ve confogured the drive system to have both forward and reverse gearing (not all the time mind you but… if I’m in a river or harbor.. I can dial it in so that docking and general navigation is made a whole lot easier). And I am setting up a generator to the drive system so that as I pedal away.. for anywhere from 12 to 16 hours each and every day.. my pedalling will generate electricity for the lights, the onboard computers, and all that nifty stuff I’ll be bringing along.

This will, also, be the very first Fully Connected Circumnavigation.. EVER! Thanks to upgrades Starlink has recently made to their Marine Access Satellite network my route falls within about 99% of their coverage range.. I don’t see many (if any) outages during the approximately 45,000Km of pedal passage I’ll be doing.

And I’ll be shooting NUDES where ever I go!

As a Site Member.. you will be able to see, first hand, any and all uncensored images I create as I meander. I’ve already networked with models in Sydney, Hawaii, and Italy.. I’ll be adding in a whole bunch more since I’ll be making landfall oh.. once every month or so for some exquisite and exotic shooting in sensational locations.

So, go ahead and sign up.. Lifetime Memberships are available right now for $75 (limited time only)