Hand Tinted, Self Printed image from years ago with a wonderful individual.. true bohemian soul.

For nearly 3 decades, my goal with shooting nudes hasn’t been to fire off the shutter as often as possible.. not even *just* to capture spectacular magic that occurs between the Model and myself.. my vision has been to create unique, original works of art that have impact and longevity.

I was/ am a ‘late adopter’ of digital equipment because of this.. I found the early generation digital cameras to be lacking in many different aspects. Sure, they were fun to wave about and snap off thousands of images in a brief moment of time.. but the staying power of the images wasn’t there. The resolving quality of the file.. wasn’t there. 

So.. what is my “aesthetic” that I’ve held near and dear to my heart for getting close to thirty years?!?!

Truly, I say unto thee.. it does start with capturing an unique image.. not just “any” image will do. The image needs to have impact even at a small size.

Next.. is the Print Process that results in a One Off, Original Work of Art.

    1. Taking a page out of Ansel Adams book (literally.. he published a few.. and I used to have a few of them.. maybe I’ll repurchase them soon.. ish), I’ll be “overprinting” the image. This means I’ll be exposing the photo sensitive material for longer than most people would. The result: blacker than black blacks and greyish whites. The greyish aspect isn’t really wanted but…
    2. Once the Print is processed, I’ll be hitting it with “Farmers Reducer” to bleach out the whites that are kinda grey.. this leaves quite a stark print- heavy/ heady blacks and clean, pristine whites.
    3. Next (as if that, above, wasn’t enough) I’ll be taking the print and hand- tinting select areas for emphasis or enhancement.
      • This is~ ALL~ precluded by wanting to print REALLY REALLY big.. which means, for the most part, I’ll have to Hand Sensitize artists canvass.. and hand sensitizing is done in complete blackness (for the most part) and it involves “painting- on” of liquid photographic emulsion. Then it’s gotta dry… in blackness. Then you gotta lay it out and prep the exposure.. in mostly blackness.. then you get ONE SHOT at exposing it properly. Or not.. and it’s garbage. Not even a ‘second.’ 

So, pretty much each and every step ensures the finished product will be an unique and individual work of art.

I’ll admit, right now, that as of Mar. 15th 2022.. I’ve yet to crack open a can of Liquid Light.. in fact, I’ve only just recently finished work on my Darkroom (I call it the TinyDark.. as it’s about 100sq. ft of personally built shed space.. I’ll share photos.. soon). So, I’ll be going in to TinyDark shortly to experiment and get my fingers wet again with photographic chemicals.. and my best guess has it that by mid- summer 2022 I’ll be releasing the first few of my hand printed.. hand tinted.. photographic originals. 

Print Sales will be taken care of by my prime website mscottault.com.. which is a Shopify Hosted site.. all payments will be processed by Paypal (since my material is nude/ nudity.. Stripe turns their nose up at me/ my work).