A small sample through the years.. almost 30 years of shooting nudes. Take a peek and sign up.. right now, memberships are “Lifetime- Legacy” meaning… they never expire and they never need renewal. The cost is $50 but with so much on the horizon, I’m certian it’ll be worth it.

What’s on the horizon you ask?

I’m setting up a few cinematic “shorts” for production and, knowing me.. there’ll be some nudity in them (for the most part). Right now, I’m working decidedly on three- “Rescue (working title),” “Harvest,” and “Camena (short).” With most of the gear already on- hand all I need is to finish up the scripting and blocking and we’re off to the races.

I”m currently networking with a growing collection of awesome individuals and, together, we are working towards actual, physical, book publishing. So, for each individual, one individual book and each book will be about 10 sessions long. Stay tooned.. it’ll be a busy summer.

And Ocean Cyclist…
I’m building a pedal powered boat that I plan on piloting around the world. I’ll be posting updates for that here and at the Project Website itself (free access; paid sponsorship).

And.. the samples…